Thursday, March 6, 2014

Microsoft Certification for Free | Server Virtualization Exam Voucher

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Microsoft Virtual Academy Special Offers

Become a Microsoft Certified Server Virtualization Specialist

Do you want to get a job role where you have to design, manage and implement the awesome virtualization infrastructure? .

Claim Your Exam voucher for free Microsoft  Certification

Here is your chance to get a certification to prove your skills in that industry. KGTricks presents to you exam voucher for giving this certification exam worth hundreds of dollars for free.

Check the details of the skills tested in this exam 74-409 here

And to get yourselves trained on this course, you can check this out:
FREE Training by Microsoft Virtual Academy

To get the Exam voucher Visit: Microsoft Virtual Academic Special Offers.

Note: This exam is a proctored test, you can not cheat in this test. Or else you will be kicked out. Trust me on this.
Note: This exam free voucher is a promotional offer by Microsoft. Exam vouchers are limited, so i suggest you to get the voucher as soon as possible. And give the exam before 30 June.

So please study well for yourself with the training course at Microsoft Virtual Academy and finally register yourself at the Prometric Testing Service.

Last but not the least: There are some websites which offer dumps ( question paper) for these exams. Using these dumps is very risky as those paper may not be the same as the actual paper. So please don't invest your time in such things and focus all of your time and energy in improving your skills and passing the exam genuinely.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Download and Install Whatsapp for PC (Windows 8, Xp, 7 or Mac)

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How to Download and Install Whatapp for Free on Any PC

Install Whatsapp for Free
Whatsapp is the most famous app for mobile operating systems like Android and I-phones. Whatsapp provides an easy to use interface for its users and help them connect with their friends. Whatsapp is a free messenger app you must need to have. 

Current Whatsapp review on Google Play store is shown below: 

Whatsapp review on Google Play store
But a problem may arise when we don't have a smartphone supporting the Android operating system or I-phone.

It may happen that your current mobile device may be outdated and may not support Whatsapp.
Now this is a situation which may lead you to spending more money on a brand new mobile device.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Download and Install Temple Run on Windows 7/xp/8/Vista or Mac

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How to Download and Install Temple Run on PC?

How to Download and Install Temple Run on PC

Are you a Game Addict ?  
Do you want to play the most downloaded Android game? 
Are you one of those person who don't want to buy Android Smartphones but still take all its benefits?

Then you are at the right place. In this post you will get to know the way you can download and install Temple run on your PC. This trick would work with all the operating systems , be it Windows 7/xp/8/Vista or Apple Mac.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

15 Killer Tips to Improve your Programming Skills

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Tips to Improve your Programming Skills

Programming skills are a must for everyone who wants to automate their work with the help of software. Whether it is C, C++, Java, C# or anything else. You will always need to work on improving your programming skills in order to grasp these languages faster. 

Program in Steps to improve your Programming SkillsThe world on Programming keeps on changing with new programming languages coming up with each passing day. But one this is for sure, the core programming principles will remain the same. So developing some of these basic skills would definitely help you in some part of your coding life.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to make Google Chrome use Less RAM Memory

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Tools, Tricks and Tips to make Google  Chrome Work on Less RAM

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most powerful browser you can get for yourself. It is used by more than 50% people browsing the internet which is clearly visible from the web report of browsing statistics by w3schools . Though it is the mostly used browser but it may annoy some of you in terms of RAM memory usage. So lets discuss the problem which most have you have faced up with Google chrome , which is high RAM memory Consumption. 

While the new computer don't have problem with Chrome high memory consumption, people with old desktop computers or laptops may face the problem of slow responses from chrome in case of less memory. 

Anyways if you are having a High RAM laptop / computer , this post is still useful for you as you might want to use the saved memory for other high memory consuming process. So lets head straight to tweaking Google Chrome for better performance. 


Sunday, June 2, 2013

8 Tips to Increase your Typing Speed and Accuracy

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Best Ways to Increase your Typing Speed

Just imagine the power of chatting with multiple girls at a time :D
Completing your work in half the normal time.

Best Ways to Increase your Typing Speed and AccuracyYes this is all possible. If you increase your typing speed you can actually defeat the clock and work and enjoy even more in your life. 
Improving your typing speed would help you save a lot of time and also help you in improving your overall efficiency.

I read a report which stated " If you double your typing speed, you can save time of around 300 hours an year " .


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to install Android Studio on any Operating System?

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Installing Android Studio

Installing Android Studio
Android Applications have spread across the world like a wildfire. Almost everyone having a Smartphone is using Android OS on it. Android Application development has a lot of market potential and  If your application gets in the list of top rated applications, then you can also become a millionaire. Building Android Application is very easy and the work becomes easier after installing Android Studio. So lets get started with  our first step of developing Android Application on our Windows machine. 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

How could Windows 8 be saved?

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How could Windows 8 be saved?

Is Windows 8 worth it?
Windows 8 can be saved by allowing the scenario to play out, i.e. you should give it a little bit of time. The Windows 8 operating system is not something that needs to be saved, therefore the current debate about whether it should be saved is like asking what we should do if the moon does not rise tonight. Every time a new version of Windows is released, there is a little bit of controversy and debate about how it is a waste of time or the worst ever. And yet, people still have the version on their PCs and laptops and are as merry as you like.