Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Zoom In on Videos with the Movavi Video Editor

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When you’re producing videos, you may find that you need to focus the attention of the audience on a certain element by zooming in on it so that it is bigger and more obvious. The ‘zoom in’ effect is employed regularly by professional video editors for this very reason, and is a very effective technique if used right.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Google Chrome VPN App that would Change the Way you Surf - TorGuard VPN

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Since the launch of Google Chrome is 2008, it has been one of the fastest browsers and some even find it the best. VPN service provider has looked into its customers needs and provided its customers with an awesome Google Chrome extension to intergrate TorGuard's VPN service with the browsers.

This extension is not only easy to install and configure, but its also comes in a small bundled package of just 2 mb. This size is even lesser in comparison to the space occupied by camera pic on your disk. But don't just go on size, it can offer services equivalent to VPN services offered by software vpn services. Lets get to know more about this amazing service and its newly launched Google Chrome extension.

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Why People Are Ordering Food Online with scrumptious exciting reasons?

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Requesting sustenance online has changed definitely throughout the years. Sometime in the past individuals used to request nourishment by telephone yet that was simply out of impulse. They were most likely excessively caught up with, making it impossible to cook or had visitors over and needed something at short notice. However, today, individuals are requesting because they need to and not simply because they have to. With sites around London making nourishment from all sides of the earth accessible to individuals, the interest has doubtlessly expanded. You can download onlinefood order app and following reasons can help you requesting nourishment online everyday.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Take a Look at Rise of Real Estate in Bangalore

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The city known for setup of TOP IT companies in one place is Bangalore.  Bangalore is also known as the IT hub in India.  The city has also achieved greater heights in real estate sector. Nowadays the city is known for its commercial and industrial growth in few years.
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Affordable Rental Homes Available in Vijayawada City and its Suburbs

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The house for rent in Vijayawada is affordable now. However, the rental value may increase soon due to the approval of many mega residential projects in Vijayawada city and its suburbs. After bifurcation of Andhrapradesh, the Vijayawada city is the proposed capital of Andhraparadesh. Therefore, there are many masses migrating to Vijayawada for better opportunities and for business. To find a rental home it is very easy in the city. There are also many house brokers, builders, realty agents in Vijayawada, who can assist you if you are very particular about location and other home specification and facilities you wish to live in for rent.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

5 Amazing Apps that turn Pics into Animated GiF

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Graphic interchange format, commonly known as GIF, is the internet’s new rage. You can find them everywhere, reddit, pinterest, Tumblr. GIFs are animated file types that can be played anywhere, you can save them on the computer, share them online on websites. They are at the peak of their popularity, just like memes, just go to Tumblr, you’ll be welcomed by a horde of GIFs. 
If you’re not too keen to make them yourself, they do require some video editing knowledge, there are some apps which can help you turn any image into a GIF. Here are 5 of the best android/iPhone apps that can turn pictures into GIFs.


One of the most popular GIF apps on Google play, this app lets you convert pictures into GIFs within 60 seconds. If you’re a frequent Tumblr user and can’t be bothered to manually convert every single picture in GIFs, then this app is most definitely for you. It includes features like, texts, filters, auto and manual mode, which can be used accordingly. You can make GIFs from anything, a photo, a video, anything and if you’re not satisfied with the angle, you can rotate it as well. 

Once you’ve seen the preview, you can share it anywhere, either Facebook, twitter, with family or friends. The newest update now allows you to add voice or music to your GIFs.  It works on both Android and iPhone.

GIF Camera

GIF camera is another great Android app for making GIFs.  Just capture any picture you want with the GIF camera and turn it into an animated GIF within minutes. You can also control the speed, make a funny GIF and share it online.  
The GIFs come out great, very sharp and clear. It’s also easy and fun to use, no complicated features and allows you to edit freely. If you’re looking to make great looking GIFs, then this is the app for you.


Now this one app that will literally make you go WOW, it turns selfies into GIFs, which is amazing, considering the fact that selfies are all the rage nowadays. With Selfie 360 you can bring your selfies to life, turn them into GIFs and share them online as well. You can take three kinds of Selfies, namely, Portrait, Panorama and Full 3D selfies, which you can choose according to your preference. 
For instance with Panorama Selfie, you can take a panoramic shot of your surroundings, with full 3D selfie you can take a 360 degree shot of something or someone. It is an still in progress, but it’s fun to use, even addictive, and once they update it, you’ll be able to share GIFs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


This is another popular app with android users. It lets you take pictures and turn them into GIFs quite easily. The only downside is that it allows you to take only 10 pictures, which in comparison to other apps is quite less since most GIF apps let you take up to 60 pictures. 

But keeping all that aside, let’s talk about some of its much better qualities, it’s simple and easy to use; the interface is also clean and uncomplicated. However, one thing that you need to remember is that if you’re willing to use the whole version, you’ll have to pay for it. Other than that, it’s a very solid app.

Fixie GIF Camera

This is another popular app with android users and works quite well.  Just take a series of pictures with your camera and this app will turn them into GIFs within minutes, the duration of each GIF can be anywhere from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds. 
You can also use a lot of animations to really make your GIFs stand out, for instance, you can stickers, borders, or doodles, personalized fonts and texts as well. Once you’re satisfied with the GIF you can share it on Google plus, Facebook, Tumblr and twitter. If you’re looking to do something creative and fun with your pictures then this is the app for you. Out of all the GIF apps, I’d say this is, undoubtedly one of the best.

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