Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Computer Prank No. 1 (Turning the Screen Upside Down)

Prank No.1
Turning the Screen Upside Down:


Switching the Screen Upside Down

This trick is a tried and tested computer prank. It is an old and classic tricks you should definitely try. With this trick, you would be able to make the screen of your victim turn upside down. So let get a look at it. 

You just need to follow some simple steps in order to turn the screen of your victim the way you want. 

For turning the screen upside down. You need to use a key combination of:  ctrl+alt+down

You can also use other combinations such as : 
Ctrl +alt+left
Ctrl +alt+right
To turn the tilt the screen to the left or right respectively

And when finally , the victim begs for mercy , you can restore the things to normal by using a key combination of ctrl+alt +up.

If you have any queries with this screen tilting prank, do let me know via comments. I hope you guys enjoy pranking with your friends with this trick. 

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