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ATTENTION! Deleted Images Can be Accessed on Facebook

ATTENTION! Deleted Images Can be Accessed on Facebook


 If you are the power user on Facebook and share your personal information like photos, videos on it then beware you may be under threat. When a user upload any photo or video, it automatically gets syndicated to multiple facebook servers without user’s to enable quickly access and it may be accessed even after the deletion. It is a major loophole in the Facebook’s privacy.

Why Facebook Images are Available After Deletion?

Facebook works on Continent Distribution Network known as CDN to give quick and easy access to its users. When an image and video is uploaded then many copies of same photo or video becomes available on local servers. When a user deletes a photo or video from his account then it is deleted from the Facebook’s main server but remains available on other server for 30 months (2.5 Years) and user’s can access deleted photo and video.

How To Access Deleted Photos on Facebook

Deleted photos can be simply accessed if you know URL of the image which has been deleted from the Facebook Server. To get a proof follow the following steps:-
  1. First of all, open Facebook image in New Tab which you want to delete.
  2. Copy URL of the image from address bar and paste it in Notepad.
  3. Now Right Click on it and select Copy Image URL and paste it in Notepad. (We will use this URL later)
  4. Delete the Photo.
  5. Now Paste the URL in the address bar which you copied in 2nd step. You will see an error message This Content is Currently Unavailable.

  • Now to Access Deleted Photo paste the URL in the address bar which you have copied in 3rd step.
So, if anyone knows the URL of the photo then he can  easily access your deleted photos.

Note: Now Facebook’s Spokeman Simon Axten has said:-

Facebook is working on CDN and they are trying to reduce the amount of time that a photo remains in its cache and he also said they have fixed the same issue in videos.
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