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How to create hidden text files without any software?

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How to create hidden text files without any software?

In this post i am going to share a trick using which you can create hidden text files .And you don't even have to install any software for this trick. You can do this just by using a notepad. And no one except you can open the file and view its contents as the file can only be accessed if you know the correct file name used while creation.

Step 1. Click on start menu>run > type cmd > and hit enter.

Step 2. Use Dos commands to change the directory and get in the desired folder.

Step 3.Now type in 
notepad visiblefilename.txt:hiddenfilename.txt  (you can use different names if you want)
You will be prompted to Create a New file click Yes as shown below.

Step 4. Now enter the data you want to hide , save the file and close notepad

Step 5.Visit the file-save location, you will see your visiblefilename.txt file there, you can open the file and enter any text of your choice as any other normal text file.

Step 6. To open and read/write your hidden file , type in the command notepad visiblefilename.txt:hiddenfilename.txt (change filenames with your own used during Step 3 above) at DOS command prompt and hit Enter.

Enjoy this trick friends and have fun!!! :D
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