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Add Background Wallpaper on Pendrive


How to Add a Background Image on your USB Pendrive


Katrina Kaif as Background Image in Pendrive
Are you bored looking at the same old white screen when you open you Pendrive. Now is the time to change the look of any drive by setting a wallpaper in its directory. Just follow the simple copy paste steps and you would have a Background Image on your Pendrive.

Just follow the simple steps to set a Background Image on your Pendrive

1. Select an image on your computer which you want to appear as background image.

2. Rename that image to wall.

3. Now copy and paste the image to your Pendrive.

4. Now create a new notepad file and paste the following code in it.


5. Save the file as desktop.ini in your pendrive and change the save as type to all files

Easy Steps to Apply a Wallpaper in Pendrive

6. Now Enter your Pendrive and press F5 to refresh. 

You would see something like this:-
Cool Background Image in any directory

Note: This trick works best on Windows Xp and Vista . Wallpaper could also be set in any other directory like C:, D:, E: etc. Just copy and paste the files in the directory where you want the wallpaper to appear.

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  1. Hey Kunal, why should we rename it to wall, huh ?
    We can simply change "wall.jpg" to "defaultimagename.defaultformat". Like in my case I would replace wall.jpg to parigyan.jpeg .However nice attempt! :)

    Geeky Tricks

  2. @Parigyan Tamuly. The script says IconArea_Image=wall.jpg so the file should be renamed to wall in this case to get it applied as background. And i dont want to make the script complicated. By the way Nice suggestion :)

  3. Hi, I had tried it but it is not working. I am using windows 7

  4. @junaid This tricks works well with Windows Xp as the coding of desktop.ini is done according to Windows Xp

  5. @Hacker Neeraj , This trick works with Windows Xp. and You have to follow all the steps correctly.

  6. yeah.,
    it works..
    bt how cn i set alignment..??
    it displays only left-upper coener of the pic...!!! :(
    tell me abt dis...

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