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Bluetooth Hacking Software for Mobile


Bluetooth Hacking Software for Mobile

Bluetooth Hacking Softwares Free Download
Most of the Mobile users would be aware of the powers of Bluetooth. In this Post lies a trick with which you can hack an immense majority of people using Bluetooth devices . Below are provided some software with which you can hack any mobile with Bluetooth functionality. 
And Access the Victims Messages, Phone book, Make a free Call , Send a free sms and a lot more.

1. Magic Blue Hack (v.1.0)

Hack Bluetooth with Magic Blue Hack


Mobile Hacking Software to Hack Bluetooth of victim and access Victim's  Phone Book , sms inbox. It can Also be used to make Free Call and Send Free Sms from Victim's Mobile Phone.

Download Magic Blue Hack Here.

2.X2Blue (v.1.3)

Hack Bluetooth With X2 Blue

Provides Full Control of the victims Mobile Phone without even notifying the owner of the Mobile.

Download X2Blue Here.

3. B.S Mobile Console (v.1.0)

Experience the power of Hacking by installing and using this application.

Download B.S Mobile Console Here.

4.BT File Manager

Hack Bluetooth BT file Manager

Application that can be used to Browse and Copy Files from a Bluetooth Device.

Download BT File Manager Here.


Other Useful Bluetooth Softwares:

Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control:

Hack Bluetooth with Mobilewitch Bluetooth Software

Turns Your Mobile into a remote control to computer. Access Your Computer from a distance.

Download Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control Here.

My Secrets (v.1.0)

Make Notes and Protect them with strong 256 Bit AES Encryption.Its Made to Protect you from Hacking.
Enjoy its clean and easy to use Interface.

Download My Secrets  Here.

B.T Guard(v.2.2)

Secure Your Bluetooth Connection with BT- Gaurd

Protect Yourself from Bluetooth Hacking Attacks with this powerful Application. Its prevents its users from unauthorized access. It also save Battery by automatically switching off the Bluetooth when its not in use.

Download B.T Guard Here.

Enjoy working with these tools . Happy Hacking.

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