Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Change Facebook Password without knowing the current Password


How to Change Facebook Passwords without knowing the current Password

Change Facebook Passwords without knowing the current Password

What if by chance you get a facebook user account who has not logged out from his/her email id.

You can take advantage of this golden opportunity and change his/her facebook email id password without even knowing his current password. This would help you to login in the id whenver you want.

Here are some simple steps to follow to change the password without even knowing the current passwords.

Step 1. Click the link below and open it in new tab in your browser.  


You would see something like this:-

how to secure your facebook account?

Steps 2. Click on Continue as shown below.

How to secure your facebook account

Step 3. Just fill up the New password and confirm password and hit continue.

Set new password without old password

Hurrah.. you just changed the password.

Enjoy and have fun :D

bye byeadios

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