Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to get 1000 Fake Email Id ? Get a Fake email id in less then a minute


How to have 1000 Fake Email Id ?

get fake email id without registering

Most of  the times we are faced by situations where some websites want us to enter our email id to get access or to get a download link for a cool game but you don't want to give your email id.

I always wondered if I had thousands of fake email id , then I would love to fight back the spam websites with my fake email id's.fight spam with spam Here is a list of some website which would provide you with an email id within a second you enter the website and the best part is that you don't even need to register or give any of your information to anyone.  

Now I have got a solution using which you would not have to reveal your email id , and still you would get an access or the download link. 
 Finally i found the answer and i am sharing it with you. 

The list of fake email id provider websites is as follows:

Do read  the following post to get a better understanding to the concept of Faking emails .
How to get a fake email id in a second ?- Use of Mailinator Explained

How to Send a password protected email ?
Do use these services and save your time to register at random websites.

Enjoy the fake email services, and feel free to ask any question .
Have fun!! Bye bye 

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  1. I like this blogs. It's very nice and informative blog. Thanks for sharing with us.



  2. Where do you discover this cool things????. Http://

  3. @Arjun Sharma , I surf the internet , and i catch all the cool tricks for you guys :)

    @mohamed , Thanks for your appreciation .

  4. You are spending lots of time for blogging!. I use 10minutemail now. Do you use any of them now? Happy blogging

  5. I ve written about this 10minutemail with another topic of "Beating spam". Have a look at here if you have time.

  6. Can these be used to register for the survey we need to fill before downloading sometimes,will i be able to recieve a confirmation link on these kind of mail-ids..?
    pls rply..

    1. Yes, Tusshar, You would be able to get even all the confirmation links of any surveys and prevent your original email id from spam :)


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