Saturday, June 9, 2012

Play Awesome Games while searching on Google

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Play Awesome Games while searching on Google

how to play games which searching on google
Many a times we search things on Google and when all our searches are over we need something to search or do just to pass time.

Today i am going to share with you an awesome trick with which we can play games while searching anything in Google

Here is the trick , 

1.Go to 

2. Type there zerg rush.

what is zurg rush on google

3. Just click on the  O's  to remove them before they remove your search result.

(If your search result is totally destroyed by them that means game over)

The more O's you destroy , the more points you will get.

4. After all of your search result are destroyed , you would be prompted with your score as

Share score of zerg rush on googlel plus
 Note :You can share your score on Google plus profile .

Thank you , and enjoy the game. Have fun!!
Bye - bye.
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