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How to Extract Text from Images?

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Extract Text from Images

Extract Text from Pictures
Have you ever wondered about extracting the text from the images you Its very often to get notes in the format of pictures. Extracting text from images would be very useful. Also Google books are also copyrighted which does not allows us to download them. 

Using this method ,you could take a screen shot of the PDFs files and extract the text from the files. There are also some methods provided with which you can directly get the text from PDFs files (copyrighted books :D).

This Extraction of Text from Images can be done With use of OCR.

OCR= Optical Character Recognition.

OCR tools are basically of two types:-

1. Desktop OCR Softwares
2. Online Services

Desktop OCR Software

With the use of Desktop Software the user don't need to care about privacy issues. Use of Desktop OCR tools also prevent users from time taken for uploading files of large size.Some Desktop Software also provides integration with Scanners.

Some Of the Latest Desktop OCR tools are as follows:-


Extract Text from Images using gImageReader

  • Side by side comparison of source image and output text
  • Remove linebreaks in output text
  • Supports tesseract 3.0

  • Open images and PDFs
  • Acquire from scanner
  • Select the part of the image to recognize
  • Support for different recognition languages

  • DOWNLAD gImageReader Here.

    2. SimpleOCR

    Extract Text from Images Using SimpleOCR

    SimpleOCR is also a royalty-free OCR SDK  for developers to use in their custom applications.SimpleOCR is the popular freeware OCR software with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.  

    Download SimpleOCR here.

    3. Free OCR

    Extract Text from Images Using Free OCR
    Free OCR is a tool to get text extracted from your images in a faster way.
    Some of its New features are:
    • PDF Opening Enhacements.
    • Speed and Compatibility Fixes.
    • Compatiblity with scanners.
    • Advances and User friendly interface.

    4. Scanitto Pro

    Extract Text from Images Using Scanitto Pro

    Multiple Language Support
    Multiple File Formats Supported
    Compatible With Wide range of Operating System
    One Click Copy and Print

    Online OCR Tools

    Online services asks the user to upload the image on the website . So there is a privacy concern when it comes to uploading images on third party servers. Also uploading images of large size requires a lot of time for processing.

    Some of the Cool Online OCR Services are:-

    5. Free Online OCR

    Extract Text from Images Using Online OCR

    This OCR is a free online service that recognizes 32 Languages, it can extract text from scanned PDf files and supports file formats such as jpg, jpeg, BMP, tiff , Gif. 

    Just choose a file, hit upload and get your Text extracted.

    6. ABBYY Fine Reader

    Extract Text from Images Using ABBYY fine Reader

    ABBYY fine Reader is a free online Tool which support windows as well Mac OS

    7. OCR online

    Extract Text from Images Using OCR online

    Can Detect 153 Languages
    High Accuracy
    Can Detect different Fonts
    Supports JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF , PDF

    Other Online OCR :-- Google Docs. and New OCR

    I hope You enjoyed the Trick.
     Bye bye.........


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