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Make Your Desktop go 3d with Bump Top

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Make Your Desktop go 3d with Bump Top

Make Your Desktop Interactive and 3 Dimensional
Its very boring to look at the same desktop every time you log into your PC. User like me and you need a Software that makes our desktop Interactive so that we don't sleep while working at our computer screen.
You can easily make your Desktop converted into a 3 Dimensional Room. 

You would be able to view your desktop with different angles . This would give your Desktop a 3 Dimensional Touch.

What you Would Get (Results) after Making your Desktop converted into 3D

Just have a Look at some screenshots of the Desktops which Have Bump Top installed with Themes .

Bump Top ThemeBump Top Theme

Bump Top ThemeBump Top Theme

Bump Top is the software to do all the modification the would enhance the look and feel of your desktop. Moreover it would help you keep focused to your work with its add on Facilities like sticky Notes. Bump Top definitely increase productivity as it would increase your interest towards the new ways with which you could operate your computer.

Specialty of Bump Top

1. Bump Top make item on your Desktop more like real world objects.The Files and Folders would take Weight according to the size the occupy in the memory.and the importance they carry for you.

2. Bump Top assumes that the choice of desktop varies from user to user. Bump Top Provides its users with a wide variety of  themes to choose from . I have given picture of 4 of the most popular Bump Top Themes Above.

3.Bump Top helps you to Organize your Files and folder according to there type. For example :- We can Pile folder separately and files of same type Separately .

4.You can easily get connected to Facebook , Twitter , orkut. by just applying there respective widget onto you Wall of your 3d Desktop. This would enable you to share Pictures Directly without having the need to log into your Account and Uploading pictures manually.Uploading files would be done easily and automatically once you install widget along with Bump Top.

Bump Top Free Full Version Download

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