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You NEED to Know All of This About Line| Autocad

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Line Command Basics and its Types

Line command Explained in Detail

A line command is basically used in Autocad to make a line segment, a construction line and a ray.In this post i am going to teach you the basics of line command, the ways you can initiate a line command and the methods you can use to draw lines.Hang on a bit more, read more and you will know exactly how you can draw any kind of line.

You can initiate a line command in 4 possible ways.
1. Click on the icon of line command in the draw toolbar.
2. Click on Draw in the Menu bar and select Line.
3. Type Line in the command windows.
4. Type L and hit enter in the command window.

Now you know how to initiate a line. Lets move on to the mehods you can draw a line

1. Absolute Method

In this method you only need to do the following steps.
Type the following commands in the command window.
1)L and hit enter.
2)Co-ordinates of 1st endpoint and hit enter.
3)Co-ordinates of 2nd endpoint and hit enter.

Hit ESC 

Now you have drawn the line. If you can't see it, just 
Go to View>> Zoom>> Extents.

and you would see the line you have drawn.

Line command Explained in Detail

To make the above line
1) L  and hit Enter
2) Type 1,2 and hit Enter
3)Type 5,6 and hit Enter
Hit Esc
Type Z and hit Enter
Type E and hit Enter

This way you can draw any line.

2. Relative Method

In this method you have to specify the relative distance from the starting point of the line.This method is used when the absolute co-ordinates of the line are not given at the first place.

To use this method , Follow the steps given below:
1)L and hit enter
2)co-ordinates of 1st endpoint and hit enter.
3)type @dx,dy  , Here dx is the difference in the x co-ordinate value of the 2nd endpoint and the first endpoint and dy is difference in the value of the y co-ordinates.

so to summarize : dx= x2-x1;
and dy = y2-y1.

3. Polar Method

This method is used when you are given the initial co-ordinates and the value of R and Theta . where
R= Length of the line
Theta= Angle the line makes with positive x axis.

To use polar method. follow the steps below
1)L and hit enter
2)co-ordinates of the 1st endpoint.

Have fun :) Bye Bye. 

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