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Valentine's day special love calculator prank

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Send a Love Calculator to know the Crush your friends have!!

Valentine's Day Special Love Calculator Online Prank

In this post i am going to introduce you to a website that helps you to know the crushes your friends have. Yes!! its true, you can now what are the crushes your friends are having with simple online tricks.
And this tricks is as simple as creating an online account. 

I am going to introduce you now to two of the most famous and even my personal favorites websites that i use to pull this prank on my friends.

The First website is

How it Works:

  1. You Create your personal love calculator link.
  2. Send the link you created to your friends.
  3. Receive the names of there crushes via email! :-)
The Victim opens the link , we send him/ her and enters the name of the crush he / she has.

Valentine's Day Special Love Calculator Online Prank

On click on the button>>Calculate love, the victim is redirected to a page as follows:-

Know the Crushes your friends online with this prank

The Other website is even better , it asks the victim for the names of three of his/her crushes.
and on clicking on calculate love , its send the name of all of the three of his/her crushes at our mail id.
URL of the other website is :

Some snapshots of what happens at the screen of the victim>>
Love Calculator prank to know the crushes of your friends

After Clicking on continue to step three>>
The Victim sees the following image and almost gets a heart attack.
Trick your friends online with this love calculator prank

So , if you also want to trick your friends like this. Just go to the websites i have mentioned above. Make your account on them. On successfully registering with the websites , you will get your own personal links you can send to your friends and get the names of there crushes.

Best of Luck :P :)

Bye -bye  

Kunal Ganglani


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