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How to create a poll on Google Plus

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How to create and conduct polls on Google Plus

Online instant Poll on Google Plus

Almost every one reading this post will be on some or the other social network. And it may even be possible that you find about this article via ads or some group post or a fan page. We can use Social Networking platforms to gather the information we want. Social Networking websites provides us with an important and a useful feature of conducting polls online as probably no other medium could serve as better for this purposes as these websites do. The reason being that we will find most of the people( our friends )who will suggest their views through voting on these platforms, and that is what we actually want. We want the survey/poll to be genuine. Many of us must be knowing conducting polls on Facebook and In-fact many of us have already conducted some. The “questions” features of Facebook allows us to conduct polls and our Facebook friends can participate in the poll in their News feed.

Now similar is the case with Google+.
Unlike Facebook, Google+ does not provide us with any direct feature of conducting live polls. But there is a little workaround through which we can convert our regular status to a live poll.Here I am going to explain this through a Sample poll on my Google+ profile. The procedure goes as follows:
Write your Question on which the poll has to be conducted in the Share box of Google+
Set the visibility of your status update to “Public” or limit it to your friends circle as per your needs.
Post different poll options as comments to that status update.
Note: We must be little quick because our status has already been posted and other friends of ours might comment over there even before us.

Disable the comments now (only those containing choices) as people may post their own choices in comments and hence it will be hectic for us to analyze poll results.Now you are done with you your people. 

Your friends will cast their vote by ‘+1’ing the comment(s) of their choice. (This is same as liking a comment in Facebook). Note that this is a kind of multiple-choice polling as friends may ‘+1’ any number of comments.This was the procedure. 

Now enjoy polling on Google+ (in case you use it  ;)Use this polling option and know everyone's choice/advice easily. If you have any queries regarding this polling feature, feel free to comment below.Thank You!

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