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Earn 2000$ dollars Just by Developing Applications for Microsoft


Do you want to Earn 2000 $ from Microsoft??

Earn Money by Building Application for MicrosoftMoney is the root of all evil. But this time, money will make you learn something very productive. Just read this post completely, understand it, and you will never face an issue with lack of money again in your life. Microsoft (THE DREAM COMPANY) , is giving a chance to everyone to earn a total of 2000$. ALSO please note that THIS IS NOT A LUCKY DRAW. Yes, its not a lucky draw where only some of the people get the cash prize. You work and you get the prize. This offer is more like a freelancing project. You can get a minimum of 100 $ to maximum of 2000$ . So are you interested to earn some quick bucks ??

So here goes the deal. Microsoft has recently launched windows phone 8 and windows 8. The best operating system for mobile phones and computers respectively. Due to a comparatively lesser number of application on the marketplaces. (As compared to its competitors Android and iPhone). Microsoft is trying to increase the number of application by giving this project to the freelancers as they don't have enough number of employees to beat the competition.

Keep the cash microsoft pays to develop applications

Also this would help them generating quality applications with fresh and unique idea. Microsoft is willing to pay 100$ (€ 77) per application to the freelancer. By freelancer I mean anyone can participate in this offer. Each developer can develop around 10 apps per platform. So a total of 2000$ is on the stake. Each one of you can get 2000$ if you make 10 application of windows phone and 10 application on windows 8 platform. You can even include in-application ads (By Google Adsense and others) and you can earn even more. If you have made a quality application, then sky is the limit of earning here. 

So are you ready for earning some bucks. Just follow the steps given below then :-

1. Make yourself a windows phone and windows 8 developer account.
(Now this may cost you an extra buck. But If you are a student you can get these developer accounts for free, you will just have to upload your student id card to verify you as a student).

Publish apps for windows phone and store and earn money.JPG

(If you not a student, don't worry, Microsoft lowered the price of
Windows Phone Developer account and Windows 8 Developer account to just 8 dollars per year. Note that they seem to charge 99 dollars but they refund 91 dollars in 25 to 30 days).

Note: Prices of developer accounts may change, so I recommend you guys to act fast.

2. Learn HTML/Javascript 

As these are the languages windows  phone and windows store apps are made on.

3. Download the software development kit and Develop applications.

4. Upload them on your developer account. 
(The account will now verify you application and check if it has bugs/glitches in it or not).

5. If everything is good, and your apps works well, it will get published in the marketplace. 

6. Tell them that you made the application by filling up the form of the Microsoft Campaign. 

That's it mate. If you do these steps, you will definitely earn yourself 2000$. 

Note : Application Deadline is June 30 
Please Read the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign here. 

And please don't forget us when you get rich. :D
If you have any problems in any of the steps mentioned above, please feel free to ask you queries in the comments field given below. I would be more then happy to help you guys.

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  1. Awsm opportunity... Last dat of dis cmptn?

    1. Yes, Indeed this is one of the best opportunities for a student to earn :) The application deadline is June 30

  2. where to submit our apps? Whether we need to develop 10 windows 8 app and 10 windows phone apps?

    1. @Dinesh Kumar,, you get 100 $ U.S Dollars per application you make, And you can make up 10 windows phone apps, and 10 windows 8 apps for gaining the maximum profit of 2000 dollars ..

  3. Is it true that Microsoft will refund 91$ for developer account..?

    1. Yes, Its a part of their special offer. They need more and more application on the store :)

  4. Yeah its good to hear.

    Does Microsoft officially announced about the refund?

    1. Yes, Microsoft officially announced about the refund :)

  5. Hi dude. I read the terms and conditions for "Keep the Cash". It has been stated that "Offer good only to legal residents of the 50 United States & D.C. aged 18 or older who are a U.S. registered Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store developer."...Can India participate or only US residents...?

    1. Hi Shafiq, yes the prize amount is only for the application developers of US.

  6. Is the 'Keep the Cash' offer only for US Citizens? In 'Terms & Conditions' It seems so.

    1. Hi Sadesh,
      Yes, the offer is only for the residents of US.

  7. Then why are you posting that this is also applicable for India..?

  8. Please check again Shafiq, I never mentioned that it is application for India. And I also shared the link to the terms and conditions for the program :)


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