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How to add the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8?

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5 Alternate Ways to get the Classic Start menu for Windows 8

Windows is back in the market with its new operating system , Windows 8. Windows 8 was designed in mind keeping in view the requirements of the users. But when the old school people look out for their classic start menu, they get a new and trendy window live tile start menu. Most of the geeks out there are still in love with it. But the new start menu has become a bottleneck for some. In this trick, you will learn about 4 cool alternatives to get your classic start menu back .

The making of windows 8 was done by selecting some of the non techies. Windows team asked them to draw the user interface they wanted for the new windows . The reply which the team got to improvise into the new tile start menu .
Now some of you might not have been satisfied with this new look and the new start menu tile.
So you can just add your classic start menu tile in the one of the ways given below.

Tool to add classic start menu ( Classic Shell)

Classic Shell is an amazing free tool which lets you get your classic start menu back. Classic Shell can be used to get back the windows 7 esque menus. It even lets you add windows xp or windows 2000 style start menu .You can even boot directly on the desktop , if you don't like the windows 8 style live start menu. And last but not the least, you can even customize it with the skin you want. 

2. Start 8
Tool to add Start Menu Classic in Windows 8 with Start 8

Start 8 is yet another tool which lets you add the classic start menu. But this one does not add the spicy looks . It provides the user with the classic start menu which is simple in nature. This tool also allows you to skip the windows 8 start menu load on login. Start 8 sells for 4.99$ . There are other tools which are equally good and are available for free. But you can still consider it, if you don't find the other tools meeting up to your expectations.

IObit tools to add classic start Menu to windows 8

This tool is similar to the Classic Shell tool. It provides all the functionality that the classic shell provides. But this tool produces and even better replica of the windows 7 classic start menu. This tool can also disable the charms bar and the hot corner of windows 8. 

4. Pokki
Amazing tool add classic start menu to windows 8

Pokki , a tool designed by SweetLabs, is an awesome alternative to add windows 8 classic menu. It is very well integrated with windows 8 ui, which means when you search for an application , the search results even includes applications from windows store.

5. Power 8

Awesome free tool to add classic start menu back to windows 8

Power 8 is an alternative that provides a 2 pane classic start menu. The tool allows you to add all of your favorite applications on one pane and from the right pane , you can navigate to locations like My Computer , Documents , Control Panel etc. It also lets you search the files , folder and application on your computer. 

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