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How to memorize any phone number forever

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Make any Phone number stick in your mind forever

How to memorize any phone number forever
The prizes of getting a new phone number are at a lower level these days. Having multiple phone numbers is very common , and it's even common to forget phone numbers of either one of your family members or your own.
In this trick, you would be learning a method a remembering a phone number forever with the help of mnemonics.

Mnemonics is a method by which you can easily learn anything in the world just by making a story / sentence / or a word associated with the thing you want to remember.
I remember an instance , when I was told by my teacher to mug up the names of the planets in the solar system in the order they are from the solar system.

I went home, and just memorized a single line-->>
My very eager mother just served us nine pizzas.
If we see the starting letters of the above sentence we get:

v-- Venus
e-- Earth
s-- Saturn
u-- Uranus
n-- Neptune
p-- Pluto

By the way, when I studied this, Pluto was still considered as a planet.

So let's just use this trick to memorize the phone numbers:-

mobile phone key pad

Let's start with Facebook
The Facebook India phone number is 9232232665
You can easily memorize this, to dial this number on your cell phone, you will just have to dial 92facebook
What I mean to say is, instead of thinking about the number , just think that where is f located on the number pad and dial accordingly. So pressing the button with "f" , will indirectly press 3, similarly pressing "a" for 2 , and so on.

To know about the name/word your phone number generates ,
You can use either of the services mentioned below

To create a word for your phone number
  1. Go to one of the above sites.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Choose one of the word from the suggestions.(Some of the suggestion would even be meaningless, so please devote some of your time for finding out the easiest word for you to remember among the list of words generated by your phone number)
  4. And memorize the word for recalling the phone number.

So from now on, when you would be planning to buy a new phone number for yourself , Don't just look out of expensive phone numbers which are having repeated digits like 55 or 11 or even 1111 in continuation. As these phone numbers are very expensive. From now onward look out for this service for choosing an easy to remember phone number.

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