Monday, March 25, 2013

Receive email alert in case of unauthorized access on your computer

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Receive an email alert along with the picture when someone tries to access your computer in your absence

Receive an email alert along with the picture when someone tries to access your computer in your absence
It happens, many a time, when people are in office, and they might want to go out for a coffee, fearing what if meanwhile someone peeps into their machine or try to access it. Although people are smarter these days and they prevent their machines through passwords but in offices or workplaces, passwords are generally shared. So the solution to this problem is being discussed in this article.

A website, being designed in Turkey, called ,
Is the website where you need to register. An email alert will be sent to the registered person as soon as someone tries to access our machine.
Here is what the mail will look like:
mouselock to prevent unauthorized access

Yes, exactly, an image of the intruder will also be sent along with the mail. Guess how awesome it is!!
Here is how this website works:
Visit the website, and they will ask for your gmail id, on which you want the email to be sent.
Now they will ask you for a unique pin/place on the screen.
Select the place. And now you will be asked to place the cursor of your mouse to that dedicated area on the screen, just place the mouse over there and click once and you are done with it.
Now you are free to leave your machine locked or unlocked. As we have already saved the cursor position, any movement of cursor from that position will be notified to the user through email to the registered email id. Also if your device supports webcams, then don’t forget to allow the webcam usage of the website, for if you allow using a webcam, then automatically a picture of the intruder will be clicked as soon as the mouse will be found to be moved.
Now, if the webcam was enabled, then an email including the picture clicked will be sent at the very instant on the email id, and the user can easily identify the intruder.
This was how works. Yes it cannot prevent the unauthorized accessing but at least it notifies the user at the very instant someone tries to access. The website is devoted to this purpose and is comfortable to use as it guides its  user properly at each step.
Also, it is a web application hence is easy to use, it does not require any complex installation steps.
The logic of this website is being designed in jQuery language. The mouseLeaveEvent is being used for detecting mouse movements. And for capturing the picture, thegetUserMedia API is being deployed, which finds its support in browsers like chrome, Mozilla etc. The same concept can apply evenly to detect when any key from the keyboard is pressed, but since when mouse is locked, the keyboard is the only source we are left with to lock our machine, hence this makes it a little less useful.
So, hang out, have a break, chill out and Mouse Lock.Co will take care of your computer.  
Thank You!!
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