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Top 10 Tools To Help You Generate Strong Passwords


Strong passwords: Key to Security

Best Tools To Help You Generate Strong Passwords
On and on, there have been always words that ask you to have a good strong password. There are numerous suggestions to strengthen your security measures. And these are all right. You have to be alert about your data be secured. These days of advanced technology makes your data very vulnerable, may it be your WordPress blog or you may use a public WI-fi or such hotspots, your security is at stake. Increasing cases of hacking are heard about on a daily basis. The reason comes out to be a weak, insecure password. Thence, the only savior of your privacy is your strong password. Today, I will lead you that savior. 

Here we go.

Password Pond

            The thing with passwords is that you should be able to remember them. While other tools guarantee on safety more, this focuses on simplicity rather. This simple software allows you to generate random passwords and enables you to control its features completely, like you want it upper-case or lower-case, number of letters or you want to have any numbers or not. The interesting feature is that you can have your own dictionary of words listed in it which could be woven by the generator in your passwords which will make it easy for you to remember them. Negative side of this software is that it does not work well when you generate few passwords, where it tends to repeat ones.

FlyingBitPassword Generator

This software generates a new password for you in just one click. It also allows its user to customize its password with the same options as available in Password Pond. But it does not includes the feature to let user include his own words. Although it enables the phonetic transcription of the generated password to help you memorize it easily.


It is a free and open-source software to generate smart strong passwords to enhance your security. PWGen creates cryptographically-secured passwords. It may also create paraphrases which contains words from the list. It generates completely random data using the “random pool” technique. With it, users can even input some parameters according to their needs and let the user customize the password as would be most appropriate for him. Moreover, it offers creation of random data files (for example, key files) and strong text encryption.

Extreme passwordGenerator Pro


Another software with same features to allow user have his say. Attractive feature of this software is the option to create pronounceable passwords. It also enables user to generate multiple passwords but don’t to preview the generated ones, you directly have to save them as a file.
            A product of Gibson Research Corporation generates long, unique, high-quality passwords for you. Every single generated password is completely random and their crypto-graphically-strong pseudo random number generator ensures that no strings get repeated.

Password Inventor

This is a tool which does not even requires an installation at your computer. Its works well with windows. It comes with 3 options namely simple, pattern and pronounceable passwords. With pattern password generation, you can select the character which you want in the random generated password. You can create multiple passwords in a moment and save them simultaneously.

SecureSafePro Password Generator

Do you want a tool that can generate you a pronounceable password up to a length of 99 characters, then this tool is definitely for you. This tool has an easy to use interface and it can generate you thousands of passwords with a single click.

Random Password Generator 

Random Password Generator

Now this is one of my favorites. This tool not only allows you to generate passwords, but it also provides you with an efficient manner to manage all your passwords at a single location. Just have this tool if you never want to click on Forget Password links ever again.

Quickly Password Generator

This tool is an easy to use password generator with a simple interface. It has ignored the advanced features from the user interface that scare off the user. So if you are a person who just want an easy to use, simple looking password generator. This tool is for you.


If you are a kind of person who does not trust password generating tools, this tool is for you. As it gives you an option to check the strength of the passwords you have made up in your mind. It even has option to generate passwords of variable length, which makes it stand out among the others.

So, next time any website asks you to create a password, allow yourself not to be ashamed of a weak password by using the above tools. Also, be happy and tension free of your privacy.
Use these tools the next time you are making a new account on any of the website you want to stay protected on. And be fearless, because from now on, you have some awesome tools which will give the bad people a tough time to guess your passwords.

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  1. Good one Divya, now this would surely stop all those hackers trying to crack the holes.

  2. Thanxx.. Rishabh, But Hackers are hackers because they can penetrate your security.. This would just make their work harder.. :) Thanks for giving your time for the article.. :)


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