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Top 5 tools to create a mobile version of your website

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Best tools to make a mobile version for your website 

In this modern era, most of the people have their own cell phone with an internet connection.If you have a website, then you can see a lot of potential traffic from the above statement.
In this article, We will discuss about creating a mobile version for your website. There are cases when the site owners face problems concerning their website. The problem being the version of their website, as people easily design their own website these days which runs as per their design on systems, but when it comes to mobile devices, the same website surrenders.

So here I am going to discuss some easy tools for the same purpose:

1. Mobify:  
tools to create a mobile version of your website
 Mobify is a tool which serves our purpose within a fraction of time and that too for free (paid plans are also available in case you want to remove mobify logo from your website, which may cost you around 250$ pm).

2. Wirenode:
Wirenode, a  tool to create a mobile version of your website
Market giants such as Reebok, Nokia, Ford etc. are using Wirenode for creating mobile versions of their websites. Moving on to the numeric data, Wirenode has helped more than 50,000 websites for creating its mobile version.
It provides a free hosting option hosting for three mobile sites. Then starts their paid plans with a minimum of 15 Euros, which goes on increasing as per user rises his requirements such as eliminating Wirenode advertisements, adding custom domains, etc.

3. MoFuse:
MoFuse, a tool to create a mobile version of your website
If your website relates to news/media/agencies etc, then this tool is for you.
It is preloaded with a vast set of features which may be useful for your website.
Its prices range from a minimum sum of 8$ up to 200$ per month. Its support for almost 5,000 different mobile devices keeps it much ahead of other similar tools.

4. Winksite:
Quote Me , a tool to create a mobile version of your website

If your website intends to social networking or creating communities online, then Winksite is your tool. A website featuring uploading of texts, music, pictures, videos, links etc. as we see in social networking websites are would be well suited on winksite for its mobile version. It generates a two dimensional code, called QR code, readable by scanners. This relates to mobile users as when mobile users wish to visit its mobile site, their mobile device cameras will scan their QR code, and then they can proceed  further.

5. OnBile:
OnBile, a tool to create a mobile version of your website

An intuitive interface is provided to the user afor designing a mobile website and also a custom generated script is provided to users which is to be pasted into an index or welcome page of our website which will redirect mobile users to the mobile version of the website.

How these tools actually work:
All of these tools have similar working mechanisms, which includes detecting whether the user is a mobile visitor or a web browser visitor. If the user is found to be a mobile visitor, then the user is redirected to the mobile version of the same website. And to achieve this purpose, mobile versions are assigned a sub-domain name. For an example suppose your original web supported website name is, then  the corresponding mobile version name assigned to it will be at .
I hope you find this article useful. Please comment below if you have any queries.
Thank You!!

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