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Top resources to learn the latest Microsoft Technologies

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Do you want to Learn the latest upcoming technologies For FREE

Microsoft Technologies study resource
If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. In this post , i am going to share with you the list of resources which will help you learn the following things:-

Application development :On Windows Phone/Windows 8/Windows Azure

Office 365  
SQL Server
System Center Windows
Windows Azure
Windows Intune
Windows Server
Business Intelligence
Management & Security
Private Cloud
Public Cloud Server
Visual Studio

The resource are in the form of Text/ audio/ Video course and some are in the form of blog posts by different microsoft evangelist. I would also provide you with a subscription to the Microsoft newsletter and twitter/facebook URL(s) of Microsoft India head. 

The resource to learn all of all of the Microsoft technologies mention above can be found at two of the resources given below.

1. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Top Resources to learn Microsoft Technologies like windows phone , windows 8 etc

Microsoft Virtual Academy is the single stop destination for students and developers to learn absolutely any software product from Microsoft. The website has rich source on video content. The tutorials are given by experts from Microsoft and are displayed in a fun and interesting manner. So learning while watching cool videos is far more fun then attending boring classroom lectures.

To learn from Microsoft virtual academy , all you need is a Live ID. 
And if you don't already have one , you can even login with your Hotmail id.
And if you don't even have that, then please kindly register at , (Because it worth the pain)
and In return , you would be getting access to the vast number videos by top class experts.

2. Channel 9

Channel 9 Video tutorials

For those of you , who don't want to take the pain to register a new email id with live. You can go to 
Channel 9 for learning anything you want.
The content on Channel 9 can even be accessed without logging in. 
Channel 9 has series for different courses. Each series has around 25 to 30 videos in it describing you each and every aspect of the topic. You can even download the videos in MP4, WMV and MP3. 
This help the user who are having slower internet connection from the pain of buffering the videos.

3. Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Learning

Do you think you are ready for the examination. If you have a doubt on this question. You must visit  . 
This website from microsoft provides both offline and online training to student to help them in the certification process. You can even get all of the exam details for certification from this website.

4. Born To Learn

Born to Learn
Born to Learn is yet another awesome website which helps students to form study group, discuss their doubts on forums . This website also include 60 to 90 days online course which guide you from the scratch towards the certification process. 

Do you even want to Get a Microsoft Subscription worth thousand of $$ for Free .

Just follow the simple steps given below and submit a form :-

1. Follow the below twitter handles(get all of the updates )

2. Like Microsoft's Facebook Page

3. Subscription To campus Spark Newsletter
 Subscribe here 

4. Submit your subscription details below :-

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