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Top Seven Website to listen and share your music

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Top Seven Website to listen and share your music

In this post i am going to share with you a list of top seven most browsed music download sites. These websites provide the user with a exclusive collection of music from most famous artists. The music found here can be jazz, opera to hindi /english Bollywood /Hollywood songs.

1. Jamendo

Jamendo is a platform for multilingual music. The music available here is free to download and is licensed. You can download songs from 32000 albums over here for free. So take some time to choose you favorites and download them absolutely free.This website allows the user to donate to the artist and gives 50% of the revenues from ads to the participating artists.

2. FMA ( Free Music Archive)

Free music archive

The music available on this website is picked up by audio curators and is pre-cleared before uploading. And the music available here is free for download legally.
You can sort music here in terms of order, genre,curator, highlights , and also in terms of most downloaded music.

3. Epitonic


Epitonic is a curated site which allows online streaming of mp3 files, free downloads and also shows artist profiles and reviews of music.
Its release includes artists like Groove Armada, Zero 7, Mogwai, Grand National, Belle and Sebastian, and Peaches.
With this  , you can make an account>> Log in >> and create your own custom playlist.

4. Aupeo


Listen Music without any kind of registration over here. You just have to select your mood from a given 10 different kinds of moods ranging from happy, sad, relaxing etc and aupeo would help you thereafter. Its will play the music and then gives you only a choice to skip a music. It plays the most popular music according to your mood.

5. Google Music

Google Music

No one can beat Google in any sense. And this is true even in terms of music. Google music contains music for most of the languages known to mankind. This website also lets the user select his mood from 17 different kinds of moods available in it and then provides the user with a list of music he can choose from

6. Mera Mood

 This website provides the user with all the different kinds of songs available ranging from gazals , songs of 70s & 80s , Dance, Sad, Patriotic, Religious as well as Romantic songs.

This website also allows the user to play the youtube video along with the audio chosen to be played.

7. Mp3.com

Mp3 allows new artist to upload there songs online and earn as well as get some credit for there talent.
This website allows host some free mp3's for download. You can find some of the popular songs here like Pet Shop Boys, Eminem, Linken Park . Being very popular, it attracts a lot of audience. 

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