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How to Create your own Audio Book?


Create your own Audio Book

Create your own Audio Book for free

In the revolutionary days of the technology, where the Journey started from a PC to the tablet to ease your use of a computer, what's left to be thought about is the caring for your eyes. Well, the internet is the main source for our information today besides maintaining our social quotient, we cannot be away from it, neither that is suggested. What we can do is in such a situation of the plethora of flashing lights, video screens, just close the eyes and relax. We need to return to the old days where stories from our grannies were the source of the information. No, don’t worry, I am not literally suggesting to do you so but creating the same scenario is not tough. We need to hear our information as a story where the voice resembles the same kind of sense that our grannies might have wished for us in our childhood, the same sense of suspense, bitterness or fondness, whichever the tale demands and whenever it demands. We can imagine the things that were impossible for us. So is the power of the speech that can move the woman to fight and man to weep.
Wondering now, how this is possible? The answer lies here, just by creating your own audio book. This is of course a new fad and taking your account of it is really vital. You can put anything in sounds that you can either listen by yourself or send to friends.

What you need?

  • PC
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Sound recording and editing software (like Audacity, RecordForAll, Wavosaur, TraversoDAW and many alternatives)
  • Pencils, even colored
  • Last but necessary, some written prose


  • Install the software and go through the tutorials to learn the basics
  • Choose the book or prose you want to give sound too
  • Read the book and mark the portions, use sticky notes about what kind of voice you want to give to it

Recording Quality

Try to record with the highest possible quality. If not possible, then, at least at a rate and format of 16-bit 44.1KHz. This might increase the file size but that can be reduced later on. If possible, record in stereo.
You also need to keep the track of the Input Levels. If they reach the zero mark, you will get the audio distortion. So adjust your input volumes.
Besides, make sure you have arranged the room well, without any outside noises and nobody at hand to disturb you till you are done with it.

How to record?

It’s your choice how you want it to happen. Here are some ways. You can do Punch Recordingwhere you just record and edit it as you go. Or you can try Straight Recordingwhere you can record in a one go and then edit your recording. This makes the recording quicker, but makes the editing slower. For a long book or prose, you can break the article in modules and then go for straight recording. Relax and take breaks. Freshen up your voice. Drink adequate water to make you audiobook free from irregularities.
Recording Effects and Character Voices

Here you can refer to the notes you made and according to that allot voice to the characters. A lot of choices are there and can make the listening of your book a better option than reading. Just keep consistency throughout the recording.

Editing Method
Well, it depends on you what you want to have in your book. You just want a simple recording or want to add some sound effects. You may make a friend hear your audio and ask for which part needs to be edited. Maybe there are some breathing voices included while recording which may feel very awkward, remove them. You can use the noise removal effect to remove the noises. In case you use Audacity, go to select Effect > Noise Removal, once you have chosen the quiet part of speech.

Last, but not Least, make it usable
Give proper names to your file and customize them in a Folder so that it becomes easy to find on your computer or on the internet. You may also like to convert these files into a more portable format but the defacto format is still MP3.

Here you go. Now you are an audiobook producer. Go and post on your blog so that people can download it, submit it at LibriVox or iTunes or any websites distributing free Audiobooks. You are an audiobook producer with knowledge of sound engineering, public speaking, recording skills and lots of fun to add.

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  1. Nice Article @Divya.. It will definitely help people to raise their voices even higher :D

  2. Thanks Kunal.. I am looking forward to contribute more such articles here.. :)


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