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How to become a Google Student Ambassador

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Be a Part of Google Student Ambassador Program Now

Become a Google Student Ambassador and represent your College

Are you a kind of person who loves the latest technology?
Do You like to connect to more people?
If yes, then this program is for you.
Google has started accepting applications from students for the Google Student Ambassador program. 
Don't Miss this chance !!
(To learn new skills and connect to awesome people like you).

You also get a lot of goodies from Google on becoming one.

Let's Get started by having a look at my application for the session 2013-14:

Q > What do I get on Becoming a Google Ambassador?

Becoming a Google Student Ambassador not only improves your communication skills but also gives you a chance to increase your circle. It would allow you to make contacts with people who are on the top of the Google. 

Better Connections with people at Google would also quadruples your chances of placement. 
You would get a chance to attend conferences and interact and learn from the top class geeks at Google.
You would also be getting a certification from Google on becoming an Ambassador. Working with the name Google is also a kind of honor in the tech world.

Q > What would be my role as a Google Student Ambassador?

Your role would be to conduct seminars / workshops on the latest Google technology. Spread the word about cool Google products like Google glasses, Nexus. 

Q > Who can apply?

You don't need to be having an IT background for applying for this program. Students from all streams, be is management or pharmacy can apply for this program. You just need to be a social person. You should be a part of some or the other community in your college. You should be able to conduct workshop/seminars at your college and spread the word about Google Products. 

Q > How to Apply?

To apply for this program you need to fill up an 

You also need to have a scanned copy of the following documents :

A proof of enrollment from your college
Recommendation letter. This can be from your college professor, college principal, Google Ambassadors , Google Employees , Employer etc.
An online video introducing yourself. You need to surprise Google, be interesting and get Google Attention
Uploading a video is not a necessity but it would increase your chances of getting selected.

Check out my video for the Google Students Ambassador Program 2013-14 here:
Grab this chance before the deadlines. Becoming a Student opportunity sounds an awesome opportunity to me and hope you folks use this opportunity to your advantage. Share this post with your friends to spread the word about this awesome opportunity. 

Just participate with your full devotion and you will surely become a Google Student Ambassador. Best of Luck :)

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