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Remember Everything You want easily with Evernote

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Evernote: For Everything

Evernote Application to remember everything

Haven’t heard about it till now, well, then this article is going to be a real treat for you. And if you are familiar with it but not clear about all the hype regarding it, then get ready for a clear cut understanding. It’s Evernote, to remember everything for you. Why not unload your brains now?
Evernote :  It is a cloud-based service that enables you to save everything and find it easily anytime you need. But there are plethora of cloud services now that allows you to save your stuff, so what makes Evernote special, odd one out? Answer to this is very abstruse, yet here is an effort to have a clear cut view of it.

Invincibly strong on two aspects:

-Catching anything everything you want to remember
-Finding it rapidly and effortlessly

Not heavy on pocket:

            Although, you can use it free of cost where you get a box type view of all your items with advertisements on sidebar to upgrade in order to enhance your joy of saving. Evernote lets you have the premium membership at $5 per month.

An all-rounder

            Evernote is for all intents and purposes. It has left no corner untouched. You can save whatever you like, or whatever you hear, or whatever food recipes you love. From home to office, work to leisure, paintings to your books, whatever entices you, take it on to Evernote.

Ever ubiquitous

            Be it your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, Evernote is omnipresent. Evernote app is available for Mac, Windows 8 (touch) and Windows desktop. It supports you android, windows, blackberry, IosSmartphones.

Attractive Bits

            Here is a distinctive feature of Evernote. Unlike any other cloud service, Evernote allows you to capture your stuff with most workable features that are only available once you pay for it on other services, but with Evernote, you can access them with the free version. Here these are:

  •  Shared notes/notebooks – In today’s world of SNS, sharing with friends is very life itself. Evernote allows you to live your life with your friends by enabling sharing of your stuff through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or directly through email just by sharing the link of your stuff.

  •    Notebook Stacks- Along with saving as notebook, you can also categorize you data as sub-notebook. Evernote calls it nothing but Notebook stacks.

  •   Note geolocation Evernote allows you to create history. Yes, history of your notes, where you made it and at what time. Although, it has to be manually created with Windows, but it is automatic with Mac and mobile devices.

  •    OCR–Yes, it’s Optical Character Recognition, i.e., Evernote allows you to scan the text hidden an image. If you wish to search any word in any image file such as JPEG, then Evernote can do it for you.  Also, Evernote allows you to index your PDF files that can be searched via OCR technology, although with a price of $5 a month but once your PDF files are indexed they will remain so even if you cease to be a paid customer. Although, the new PDF files you add won’t be indexed until you pay again and get them indexed.

  •   Great storage options – What Evernote sucks at is very small storage space with its free version. With just 60MB of free space, although every month, you can’t save lots. Also, there is restriction on note size to just 25 MB. For a 100MB note, you need to empty you pockets. Free version also limits number of notes, notebooks, saved searches and tags. But this limit is abundant as compared to the 60MB space you have and the data you can save. You are allowed with 250 notebooks, all of which can be shared, 100,000 notes, 100 saved searches and 10,000 tags. This limit is same for premium users too. So that is a plus point for free version users. And the numbers are high too, 100,000 notes and 10,000 notebooks, you think ever could you have that much too remember? Besides, Evernote saves your stuff for long unlike any other services. The only limit is per month space made available, but if you add them, you really have something much bigger.

  •   Merge notes Troubled with so much of unorganized stuff, Evernote merges them all into one. All related documents that you need in one place, Evernote clips them for you and merge the notes together to let you have a holistic view of everything you need related to one topic. Merging is simple, just click the documents you wish to merge while pressing the Shift-keyand right click on any one of the selected notes and choose the Merge Notes option.

  •   Source URLs  -Whenever you save anything from web to your Evernote, it also saves the source URL from where you saved the content. So, next time, if you wish to refer to the source from where you took that ultimate image or article, Evernote gives you the URL in the Source URL field of document.

  •   Send toEvernote via Twitter and emailEvernote gives you a unique mail address (which you should keep with you only, although you can reset it). Add it to your contact list and now, whenever you want to save an email address, just send to it on Evernote.

    Besides, there is a Twitter Bot to which you can tweet and it will be automatically sent to your Evernote.

Not the End

List of All Evernote Applications

            Well, this is not the end in the praise of Evernote. Evernote supports loads of apps and services that make Evernote more laudable. Evernote stands with an extraordinary interface and a complete balance of simplicity and customization.

So, does this article changed your view about Evernote and encouraged newbies to give it a shot? If yes, I am safe! Enjoy till my next interesting article.

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