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Win Nokia Lumia 920 Worth 620 U.S Dollars with the Nokia Asha Challenge

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Win Nokia Lumia 920 with the Nokia Asha Challenge

Win Nokia Lumia 920

Do you want to win a brand new Nokia Lumia mobile for yourself. If yes, then this post will definitely provide you the right way to get one for yourself. With Millions of Nokia phone users around the world, the application demands have sky rocketed. Also , the creation of new and unique ideas require the minds of the youth. The Nokia Asha Challenge provides all of you a chance to learn and develop application for Nokia mobile phones for free and even win Nokia Lumia 920 worth 619.45$ U.S dollars (33,989 INR).

Nothing Good comes for free in life 
-- By Kunal , the awesome.. Just kidding.

You need to give some efforts to win the Nokia Lumia mobile phone.
Just follow the steps given below  :-

Step 1: Register for the contest on the Link given below.
Step 1

Step 2: Download the software development kit, the sample applications to get you started with application development here.

Step 2

Step 3: Register an account for yourself on Nokia Publish here.
And Upload your application on its account for validation and certification.

Note: If You want your application to launch at the Nokia app marketplace, Your Application should be validated and certified at this account. Certification of application is also a necessary step for winning the mobile phone.

Step 3

Step 4: After the completion of  Steps 1 to 3, you need to report Nokia about your application for claiming your reward. For this, you need to send an email to the Nokia's Developer Group describing your application along with the name and details of the application (Like the URL of the Application on the Nokia marketplace). 

Step 4

Resources to Learn Nokia Application Development

Note: You can learn from the code examples, the way in which methods are being implemented, and by using that as a base, you can build an application around your idea.

It May Happen that your app, would be the next boom in the market. So, Just roll over your sleeves, get into your coding pajama and get started :D

You Can Get the 

The Prizes/ Rewards of Nokia Asha Challenge

The Prizes may vary with the amount of hard work and the time you are dedicating to application development.

Making 2-3 Application would Win you : 
Nokia Asha 311
Win Nokia Asha 311

If you make 4 or more applications : You win
Nokia Lumia 820
Win Nokia Lumia 820

Concept Winner
UI/ Ux Winner
And the Best Web App Winne
Get Nokia Lumia 920

Win Nokia Lumia 920

I hope that these cool gadgets lure you guys and girls out there into the world of application development. Have Fun and do share this post with your friends :) 

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