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How to become a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist


Become a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist

Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist Exam
Would you like to get certified by Google?
Do you like to code?
Would you like to improve your chances of getting an employment opportunity at Google?

If yes, then here is your chance, just learn to code and deploy Google applications for education and business and win a Google Certification and a badge for yourself.

How Do I get the Google Certification?

You Need to pass Google Apps Certified Deployement Specialist Exam. Yes, you just need to pass the online examination. You can take your exam from your home or workplace.

Exam FAQs:

Time: 6am to 12am (midnight) 
Place: Anywhere you like
Proctored or not: Exam is Proctored. You would be monitored virtually by your web camera.
Exam Fees : $100 U.S.D 
Operating System: Windows or Mac
Negative Marking : No ( No penalty for guessing)
Number of Questions: 60-65 (This may change)
Exam Duration : 2 hour and 30 minutes
Language: English
Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions
Renewal Duartion: You need to renew your Certification every 18 months

After Passing the Exam, you would be sent your certificate and your badge to your Email id.

If you fail , you would be replied with the areas you need to work on for passing the exam next time. You can take the exam again after 14 days of your previous exam.

To register and schedule your Exam, 
Visit : Google Apps Certified Deployement Specialist Exam

How do I prepare for Exam?

The Exam would check you on Google Application Development. The major topics asked in the exam along with their weightage are given below:

  1. Configuring Google Apps Control Pannel Setting and Feature: 40%
  2. Configuring on-premise Systems: 25%
  3. Migrating Data to Google Apps: 15%
  4. Deploying Google Apps Solutions for mail, calender co-exsistence: 10%
  5. Integrating Mobile devices with Google Apps: 10%

Online Courses to Prepare for the Exam

The two most popular online courses to help you get the certification are as follows:

Google Apps Deployment Quick Start ( Apps 100 )

The Apps 100 online course is a 4-5 hour long course which will help you get the basics of Administering Google Apps. This course will teach you to 
  • How to Register a Domain
  • Configuration of Mail Flow
  • Enabling Google Apps Services

Google Apps Deployment Essentials ( Apps 200 )

This instructor led training via Figleaf Software will get in-depth knowledge of Google Apps and the way they can be used to increase the potential of your business.

This course will teach you the following: 
  • Configuration and management of Google Apps account and mail flow
  • Management of multiple domains and configuration of Google Apps services
  • Implementation of security features such as SSO(Single sign-on) , SSL and compliance rules

NOTE: It is recommended that you built at least 3 Google Business Apps before appearing for the Exam.
If you have any more queries regarding this exam, please feel free to ask them in the comments section given below. I hope you folks study well for the exam and get Certified.

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  2. For this exam "instructor led training via Figleaf Software" is must or optional?


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