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How could Windows 8 be saved?

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How could Windows 8 be saved?

Is Windows 8 worth it?
Windows 8 can be saved by allowing the scenario to play out, i.e. you should give it a little bit of time. The Windows 8 operating system is not something that needs to be saved, therefore the current debate about whether it should be saved is like asking what we should do if the moon does not rise tonight. Every time a new version of Windows is released, there is a little bit of controversy and debate about how it is a waste of time or the worst ever. And yet, people still have the version on their PCs and laptops and are as merry as you like.

Most of the supposed controversy is often caused by Microsoft competitors or haters, who want to try and rattle the cage of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet, in the hopes that they will begin to show a little weakness. The people who were complaining about switching from XP to 7, or Vista and XP, are now making the same noise about moving to 8. The supposed 90% of people who hate Windows 8 at the moment, will be the same fictional group who supposedly hated Windows 7 when it first came out, even though they have it on their desktop computers right now.

Picking an OS is like picking a religion

 In a perfect world, picking an operating system should be an observation based decision, and yet for most people it is a belief based decision (just like picking a religion). And, similar to picking a religion, the decision is not based on observation or logic, but is based upon what people are exposed to. A child who is exposed to a Catholic religion is unlikely to wake up at the age of ten and become a Jew, and people who have used the Mac all of their life are unlikely to wake up one morning and start touting the merits of Windows 8.

Windows 8 is adaptable enough for modern technology

This is actually one of its biggest selling points. The Windows 8 software works well on lots of different technologies including PCs, tablets, phones, netbooks, laptops and touchscreen PCs. Would you trust another OS to do this? Would you happily put your Android OS on your laptop? How would you feel about your notebook being run on the iOS?

The Metro-style of Windows 8 is the future of computing

People may not like the new Windows 8 metro style because people tend to get a taste for the functions and settings of their current software and hardware. However, from an outsiders point of view, this sort of computer OS and interface is nothing short of groundbreaking, and will be the future of computing.

Touchscreen technology is something that is not going away, and it may make the mouse a thing of the past. Therefore, Windows 8 hardly needs saving. If anything needs saving then it is its predecessors. None of the previous Windows versions are as optimized for touch screen technology as Windows 8 is. Added to which, the Windows 8 software is better at running complex software than any other touchscreen optimized OS on the planet. So where or why would Windows 8 need saving?

 The Windows 8 OS is an upgrade from previous versions

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but it is a point that lots of people seem to be missing. They seem to be talking as if Windows 8 has taken some sort of step backwards, when nothing could be further from the truth. It beats Windows Vista, ME, and XP into the ground. It is also a very well devised evolution of the most popular Windows 7 OS. Sure, some things have changed with regards to the way that the system operates. But, very little has been lost, and even the things that have been lost, have been replaced by something better.

The boot time for Windows 8 is impressive

This may be one of the most advanced OS to date, in that it can boot a PC in 30 seconds, as quickly as it can boot a mobile device. If you turn on a tablet device with Android or iOS on it, and switch on a PC with Windows 8 installed, they will all boot up as quickly as the others. This is very impressive if you remember that a PC is far more advanced than a tablet device or mobile phone.

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  1. Windows cant be saved unless it comes up with something brilliant like it came up with Win95 tiling and all is to shabby for todays generation.


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