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How to Prevent your Important E-Mails from getting flagged as Spam

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Prevent Your Important Emails from going to the  Spam Folder

Prevent Your Important Emails from going to the  Spam Folder

The internet is increasing in availability and use all around the world, so much so that today over half of the Earth’s population has an email account. They are the easiest way to send and receive information no matter where you are, and excellent email services are available for free. With email you can keep in contact with the people that matter in your life, at a much lower cost than using your phone. Internet connection is the only thing you have to pay for.
However there is one annoying thing about email which needs your attention – spam. Spam is unwanted marketing email material that is sent indiscriminately and in large volumes in the hope that it will gain a response and make the sender money or raise awareness of a particular brand, product or service.
Spam is very widespread these days, and although our email service providers have ways of filtering spam, much of it can still slip by into our Inbox. But there is another important problem, and that is where legitimate emails end up in the spam folder. It is easy to delete spam messages and filter the domain that sends them, but it is not so easy to check through all of your spam emails to see which ones are actually genuine as anyone can send have a fake email id.

Keep Your Important Emails out of the Spam Folder

There are a number of ways to address this problem, and most of them involve adjusting your email client. Let’s look at how we can stop your important emails from ending up in your spam folder with the major email clients by use of filters.


Yahoo Mail options to filter Emails
Yahoo! Mail allows you to create your own filtering rules. With these rules you can mark different emails as important, or send emails directly to the spam folder. The filtering tool can be found under ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mail Options’. 
Once you are in the ‘Filters’ category, there is a ‘Create or edit filters’ tab. 

Yahoo Filter to prevent yourself from spam E-mails

From here you select a name for the filter, and then choose how the messages will be filtered; according to the body, subject, sender or recipient.Once you have selected these the filter can be saved, and you can then select what you want to happen when the filter detects a message.


Google also has a filter tool which you can use, but it is mainly used to check with who is sending the email. Google email comes with an extremely good method of categorizing messages, automatically learning which emails are useful and important to you and which ones aren’t. This system isn’t always enough however, and in this case you can create a filter.
Gmail Filters to prevent you from Spam

The first step is to click on the ‘Settings’ icon, which can be found under the gear icon at the top right of the page. Click on the ‘Filters’ tab and then click on ‘Create a new filter’. There are now fields where you will have to input the sender’s email address or nickname. Once you have added the address, create the filter and a menu will appear. From this menu you can choose between a number of options, including the option to never have the messages sent to the spam folder.


Unlike Gmail and Yahoo, Outlook does not need the internet to work – it comes with Microsoft Office. It is definitely a good application because it is pretty much identical to working with Word, which makes it simple to use. Filters are easy to set up.
For each email you receive, you can right-click it and choose between a number of filtering options, such as ‘Never Block Sender’s Domain’ or ‘Never Block Sender’. If you select one of these options, the messages will never end up in Spam unless you provide approval.
This system is not perfect, but you can tailor the filtering system so that it works better if you have specific needs. You can go to ‘Rules and Alerts’ and then make rules more specific by selecting certain email addresses and domains.


A good thing about Mozilla Thunderbird is that it allows you to manage numerous numbers of email accounts and news feeds all from the same GUI – you can manage Gmail and Yahoo both within Thunderbird. This is useful if you have to manage a lot of activity, and with lots of plug-in options you can even make the client behave like a browser.
So how do you filter with Thunderbird? This program is similar to Outlook in that you choose the filtering rules by clicking on an individual email and then clicking on the sender information panel. There is a ‘Create filter from’ option which allows you to choose the rule or action you want to make. Filters can be used to redirect mail to specific folders, and can even filter according to the times that messages are sent.

Though filtering is a great help to efficient communication we can also use cool techniques such as sending a password protected email. 

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