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How to Repair Scratched CD/DVD and Recover Data?

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 Repair Scratched CD or DVD and Recover Data

Repair And Recover Scratched CD-DVD by Home Remedies

Your favorite CD or DVD is meant to be broken some day or the other. And if you have already gone through the pain of loosing your favorite game or movie due to some minor scratches , then here is a way to get them back. In this Post you will get to know about ways to recover your data from a disk both by the use of recovery software and by the way of minimizing the scratches by some quick and easy to apply tips.

Repairing and Recovering of Disks should follow the following steps for successful recovery:-

1. Rinse your CD/DVD with warm water: 

This may sound unbelievable to you, but yes , it's true. You can make your CD/DVD work by rinsing it water. Just gently wash the CD/DVD with water , and let the water dry with air, don't use cloth or sunlight to dry out your CD/DVD. Try to run it now, It may start working .

2. Apply Toothpaste on it:

If washing of your CD/DVD with water did not work. Try applying Toothpaste to it. 
Watch this video, to get to know the method of applying toothpaste for better chances of recovery:

Note: You don't have to apply toothpaste to the CD/DVD in circular fashion. Instead, you should apply the toothpaste from inwards to outwards.

Tip: As soon as you get your CD/DVD in working state, try to make its copy by using a CD/DVD burning software like Nero or ImageBurn. 

You may also like to Encrypt your data after recovery, for this you made read a tutorial at : How to Encrypt Your Data?

You can also recover data from flash drives, and get back the deleted files. Learn How to Recover Deleted Files with Free Software.

I hope this trick helps you get repair your scratched CD/DVD , and help you to recover your data easily. And if you have any queries regarding the above methods, do feel free to ask them in the comments section below :)

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