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Top 5 Stock Apps for Daily use on Windows Phone

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Best Stock Applications on Windows Phone for Intelligent Investors

Best Stock Apps for Windows Phone
Most have of you have sufficient amount of money to invest in stocks. For those who are new to stocks, should know that the value of stocks of a particular company depends on its performance in the market. If the company registers a profit, the value of it's stock increase and in case of loss, a fall in the price of stock is noticed. So, we can conclude that the prices of stocks are very volatile and needs continuous montioring for making a profit in the stock market. You may be busy with a lot of things in your daily life, so here we present a list of top 5 stock applications for your Windows phone mobile which will keep you updated with the current stock price and market reports and updates. 

Without further ado, lets get started with our list of top 5 Stock Apps for Intelligent Investors using Windows Phone :

My Stock Portfolio

My Stock Portfolio is the best application you can have to monitor your stocks easily. The application is available in the windows phone marketplace in both free and paid versions with the former having ads in it. The application has live tiles which are user-aware. You can pin down your stocks on the application menu to get the updates via live tiles. The application also provides Multiple-currency portfolio support to easily manage your stocks. 

Stock Plus

Stock Plus Windows Phone App
Stock plus can yet another cool application to manage your stocks. Some of its features include: 
  • Stock price update every 5 seconds.
  • Provides the user with both stock price and market news.
  • Allows the user to safe the most frequently viewed data and view it in offline mode.
This is also a Free application available at the Windows Phone marketplace.  

MSN Money Stock

MSN Money Stock App for Windows Phone
This free application helps you create a watchlist of your favorite stocks which you want to keep a look at. MSN Money Stock then dives deeper and brings you detailed information about your stocks along with charts and quotes. Also get to know the most active stock via stock ticker available in the application. You can also get to know the updates in the key markets and major currencies. 

This application has a fast interface with an easy to understand user interface. 

Stock Watch

Stock Watch to get updates on stock priceThis is a all in one free application to keep you updated with the latest stock news. You can use Stock Watch to view videos, get the latest market news from top stock websites such as CNBC , MSN Money, Reuters . 

You can create your own stock category, view price of precious metals such as Gold and Silver, read articles on selected stocks, email the link of the articles you like to your friends. 


MoneyGenie is yet another free application to monitor your stock. This application provides the user with news updates using Google news. You can create multiple watchlist using MoneyGenie and therefore easily monitor your stocks. The application provides user with live tiles which updates the stock prices. You also get business news from various sources by using this application. 


Use these top Windows phone application to get updated about the stock prices. Getting the right information at the right time really matters in the world of stock market, and can make you a lot of money. But take these application as the only source of information. Stock markets are extremely volatile and even expert opinions can go wrong sometimes. So, we recommend you folks to listen to all, but to make your own decisions.

Do let us know your favorite apps / sources you use to get updates. 
And if you are interested in developing you own application for your Windows phone device, do read Application development for Windows Phone.

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