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Top 10 Games and Productive Android Apps you will Regret Missing

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Must Have Andoid Apps for your Smartphone

Must Have Andoid Apps for your Smartphone

If you have a Smartphone with an Android operating system, you may feel lucky now. Get to know the best Android application among millions of apps present in the Google Play store. This list of applications includes productive as well as fun apps. The apps displayed here are selected from the most talked about applications. 
I will divide the list in two sections. One of the Top Productive Android Apps, and the other for the Top Fun Games on Android.

Top Android Games

1. Iron Man 3 ( Marvel's Official Game)

Live the life of billionaire Tony stark. Wear his Iron Man suit and fight the criminals. This game features the crimes that take place after the events of the Movie Iron Man 3, and your responcibilityies would be to stop those crimes all across the world. Iron Man fights with A.I.M forces in China, New York , Malibu shores and a lot more cool locations. 

This app is available for free at: Iron Man 3 Google play store. 
So just gear up your suit and play this Official Marvel Iron Man game. 

2. Modern Combat Zero Hour One

This is an awesome Combat game, you must have in your Smartphone. The app showcases a scenario of global destruction due to nuclear warfare, and it is only upto group of soldiers including you to stop the devastation and save the world leaders from terrorist organisations. So get a grip of some cool weapons, and kill some evil people with your bazookas.

3. Where's my Perry?

Platypus Perry (a.k.a Agent P) yet again needs your help to save the world. When summoned by Major Monogram (Head Of Secret Services) , Agent P has to reach the headquarters ASAP, but he gets stuck in the transportatation pipes. Help Platypus P reach the headquarters by guiding the water and steam in the pipes, and save the world. 

4. Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Join Om Nom in his time travel journey and help him feed candy to his ancestors. This is a full on adventure game with a lot of candy crunching in it. Use you physics and cut the rope in such a way that the candy falls right into the mouth of the cute little monsters.
Visit exciting locations like Ancient Egypt, Greese , Renaissance as well as the Stone age with Om Nom and his relatives. 

If you love to live with speed, this game is the most obvious choice for you. Outrun cops, your rivals , and your friends in the never ending desire for speed with the most famous game of the decade: Need for Speed.

Top Productive Android Apps

1. Google Drive : 

Google Drive Android App
If you have a lot of files and folders on your computer and you are finding them difficult to manage, then this android application is just made for you. Google Drive allows you to save your PDF files, spreadsheets, Pictures, and all other kinds of office documents online onto their cloud server. And Upload them on Google servers also ensures us that the files will be secure. 

2. Waze Social GPS:

Waze Social GPS Android App
Waze social GPS is a very useful application to get to know the travel directions. If you are new in a city, then application can be a life saver for you. Use of Waze prevents us from asking out for directions from strangers and also prevents us from getting lost. This application provides audio and visual alerts for directing us to our destination. Users can also share information about events such as traffic jams and also share shorter routes to get to the destination.

Note: This app requires the user to have an active GPRS connection  as the maps are being updated on the application on the go.

3. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner Android App
Most of us face a situation of getting a document scanned immediately but we don't have the resources like scanners with us all the time. With this application, you can convert your Smartphone into a scanner. It can even be used to scan documents with lots of pages. You can scan a wide variety of documents such as visiting cards, pictures, receipts, admit cards, mark sheets etc.

4. Onavo Count

Onavo Count Android App
With Onavo Count, you can easily track down the data usage on you Smartphone and save money. You can set the data limits, and let the app track your data usage. Once you reach your data usage limit, this application will start giving you alerts. It also keeps the track of the data usage of individual applications.You can also restrict the application which according to you are using a lot of data. 

5. Evernote

Evernote Android App
Evernote works like a personal assistant which helps you note everything you want. It often happens that we have to note down some important things at random instances in time, and we don't have our note pad with us. Evernote works as a notepad in your Smartphone. It can help you save all the precious information like you idea about something, a URL , a video , a song ( anything you want to remember). 

Know more about Remember Everything with Evernote

I hope you enjoy using the Games as well the productive apps I have mentioned in this post. I may have skipped some of the awesome apps. So I want you folks to comment below your favorite apps. And if you have any queries for the apps mentioned here, please feel free to ask them :)

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