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15 Killer Tips to Improve your Programming Skills

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Tips to Improve your Programming Skills

Programming skills are a must for everyone who wants to automate their work with the help of software. Whether it is C, C++, Java, C# or anything else. You will always need to work on improving your programming skills in order to grasp these languages faster. 

Program in Steps to improve your Programming SkillsThe world on Programming keeps on changing with new programming languages coming up with each passing day. But one this is for sure, the core programming principles will remain the same. So developing some of these basic skills would definitely help you in some part of your coding life.

So lets me introduce you to our set of killer tips for improving your Programming Skills: 

Start with Simple and Move towards Complexity

As the ancient proverb says " Simplicity is the best policy" . 
This is what i want from most of you reading this post. I know that you might not be a programming genius in your initial days of coding. But everyone has the inner potential of developing quality products/ websites like Facebook. You can only be Mark Zuckerberg one day.You just have to wait for the right time. 

Start by taking baby steps i.e solving simple programming problems like the one with lesser number of loops. After some initial level of basic programming you should move forward to fighting with the tougher problems.

Solve Programming Puzzles

Programming puzzles (like making a C program without Main function C program without Header file) are surely going to make your programming skills strong. It is like practicing with a punching bag before going one on one with the Programming Problem of the client.
You can find Programming puzzles at Programming Tricks.

Read Books and Watch Videos

Books are considered to be the man's best friend. They talk only when you want them to talk. 
Reading programming books helps you in learning in a systematic way topic wise. 
You can start with :
Reading the Top 3 books for learning C. Videos are yet another source to learn programming. You can find the best collection of videos at : Resources to Learn Microsoft Technologies

Study in Groups and Code together

Studying in groups in groups can be of great help. You can team up with like minded programmers at same level and just hang out and solve problems and the next time you face an error while programming, you won't be alone. You would be having friends standing by you to deal with the errors. 

Study in Group to improve your Programming Skills

And if you guys don't have the time to meet in person, you can make use of social networking websites like Facebook, Google Plus etc. You can create poll questions on Google plus or post the error you faced on your friends wall on Facebook. 

Work with flowcharts and Pseudo code

Flowcharts can be of great help when you are trying to understand the control flow among various functions.
You can also make use of Pseudo (fake) code to design the program and working without actually implementing it directly. 

Flowcharts are also useful for making our potential customers understand the working of the software.

Reduce ambiguity and increase Readability

While coding, make sure you use curly braces at appropriate places to increase the code readability.
You should also focus on reducing ambiguity. This can be done by use of proper control statements like if-else rather then unconventional Go-to Jump statements.

Use Comments

Use of Comments is always advised as it helps others to understand the code you have written. It also helps in making changes to the program at later point of time.

Focus on reducing lines of code

"Bigger is Better" is NOT Good in terms of programming. You to program in order to get the minimum as lines of code as you can. This can be done by removing the redundant line of codes by use of concepts like functions, inheritance, polymorphism etc.

Work in Phases

Big things are made in small phases. No wonders of the World was built in a day. Same applies to programming for large projects. You need to develop the skills of programming in phases i.e set several milestones for completion of the complete project.

Develop Programs that are prepared for the change

This is the need of the day. Developing procedure oriented programs is no longer the most desired skill. You need to work on making programs that are data oriented i.e Object oriented. The programs written using object oriented technology are more easier to modify and update. 


"Practice makes a Man Perfect". This applies to programming as well. You need to solve different kinds of problems and work with the needs of different clients in order to gain confidence in your skills.


Compete with other programmer on the top forums and websites like codechef, topcoder ,etc.

Help your Peers

Help you peers and friends in the problems they are facing in programming. If you are not able to solve the problem and your friend solves the problem at a later point of time. Then ask him the way he solved the problem. In this way, their would be always a way for you to learn more. You can find forums like stackoverflow very useful for this purpose.  

Get Certified

Getting Certified would be a boost to your confidence in your skills. You can get yourself certified by the means of testing services like Prometric, Pearson etc and get certified by any company (Microsoft, Oracle , Cisco etc) and on any technology you want. 
Read my articles on becoming:

Have Fun

It's all about having fun. Send your friend a self destructing C program or Play music by Programming in C. If your mind is at peace, you will eventually succeed and develop your programming skills.

Do share your tricks and tactics you use to improve your programming skills.  

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