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How to Spy on My Girlfriend's Whatsapp Accout?- Revealed

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Spy on Any of your Friends Whatsapp Account

Spy on Any of your Friends Whatsapp Account
Love is supposed to be divine and Relationships are based on trust. But sometimes in life we need to be sure when we are in doubt about the behavior of the person we are in love with.
He or she might be cheating on us and in the end we may get hurt very bad. To prevent this from happening we need to be on our toes and catch out the early symptoms which every cheater shows.
Also Understanding Girlfriend is the most tricky part we boys need to master. Here is a trick to spy on your Girlfriend's Whatsapp account and find out the truth. 

In case you don't have a Girlfriend yet, you can use this trick to find out the time of the day your crush is often online and plan out a strategy to make her fall in love with you. 

Whatstat -Android App

This is the app that is going to solve your problem of trust. And also give you insights on whether the person you are having a crush on, is interested in you or not. 
Whatstat app will give you you statistics on : 
Who is online most of the times?
Who is initiating conversations?
If you have a crush, with whom you are dying to speak to, this app is exactly what you need. It will represent to you a complete graph on the time your crush was online and the most probable time to find him/her online.


This app can also reveal the interest level your Girlfriend or any other person is having in talking to you.
It can tell you the number of messages you sent to them.
The number of messages you received.

NOTE: The updated version of this application often requires your Android device to be rooted.

This application is worth the try to know spark left in the relation, also it may help you to get the spark with your crush.
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I would recommend you guys to be honest in a relationship and be honest with your girl about your insecurity. If she loves you, she will definitely understand.
Anyways Have Fun!!
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