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Mobikwik App to Pay All your Bills - Review

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Review: Mobikwik App

Mobikwik-app-logoAre you looking for a mobile application which could pay all your bills?. If yes, then you are reading about the best app to do this task. Mobikwik is one application that could help you pay electricity bills, ,postpaid mobile phone bills, dth bills, data pack recharge or a prepaid top up.
Read more about the awesome features this single app can provide you and make your life easier.

Everyone enjoys leisure time with their loved ones, but having uncompleted tasks often stop us from this. Paying up bills for various services you use may take a lot of your leisure time. Also keeping track of all the payment history for different services you use is a little difficult.
Mobikwik is the definitely a one stop solution to your problem. I know a lot of questions might be coming to your mind, so let me answer them one by one.

How do I use It?

Mobikwik app is available for desktop version as well as all the mobile platforms that you might be using. Mobikwik is available on Android, Windows Phone, and I-phone. You can also use their services from their official website to make an easy recharge.

Mobikwik-app-on-Google-play               Mobikwik-app-on-Windows-phone         Mobikwik-app-for-apple-IOS

Why Mobikwik?

There are a lot of services available on the internet who claim to provide some of the services mobikwik provide, but you won't find a single app to do all your tasks. Mobikwik has an easy to use interface and is a light app which responds fast to user input.
Also it is one service which accepts all forms of payment. And the best part is, that your payment information is saved in the app, so you won't have to enter the same credit/debit card details every time you pay your bills.

Some Cool Features of Mobikwik

Recharge/ Pay Bills via SMS or Call

It often happen that your mobile balance gets low when you are having a great time talking to your friends or loved ones. You need balance that moment and you also don't want to go to the nearest recharge booth as you don't want to miss the precious moment. Use Mobikwik feature of paying bills and doing recharge on your mobile just via an sms or a phone call on their number, and your problem will get solved.

Mobikwik Wallet

This service saves your time a lot. It has a very fast and easy to use interface. It does not requires you to enter your debit/credit card details every time you pay a bill. You can use its wallet feature to move the estimated total monthly bill amount to its wallet. And thereafter use the wallet to pay all your bills.

Pay for DTH, Data Card, Mobile, Bills

You can pay for a lot of services and save your time. This is a single application to pay all your bills. You can also get a compete history of all the bills payments you make with it. You can use all forms of payment, i.e. Debit card, Credit Card, Netbanking and Cash Pay to pay your bills.
I recommend this service if you are customer of any service be it, Reliance, Airtel or Vodafone. Have a look at Vodafone Online recharge service of Mobikwik.


I hope you like using this app. Do give its awesome features a try. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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