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5 New Tech that could Make You Live Forever

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Secret of Immortality - Revealed

Secret of Immortality - Revealed
Who among us does not wants to live forever? Immortality is a dream every human persue in order to escape from death. A power to live forever, to lead an eternal life could help us fulfill every desire we have.

You can play with your time with no worries for the future and your future could be indefinite. Have a look at 5 New Tech advancements that could fulfill this dream of ours in near future.

Mind Uploading

Mind Uploading
We use internet to download and upload files of information. Our brain can itself be considered as a huge collection of information. Think of your brain as a flash drive. Wouldn't it be cool if you could upload all the information in your brain on a device which can later be used to revive you with a different body. Our brain stores around 2,500 terabytes of info.

This may look like a fantasy but scientist have advanced in this field. They have successfully retrieved and saved Digital brain of Animals by making use of neural interfaces and using supercomputers so save the information.

Nano Technology Cellular Repair

Nano Technology Cellular Repair
Nanotech are small microscopic machines that could work in groups to repair damaged tissues. You may have seen use of this technology in various science fiction films where small robots attack the hero. Those are nanotech machines.

Scientist have used nanotechnology to repair optic nerves of blink hamsters. May be in near future these devices can operate on patients and save us from death.

Gene Unlocking

Gene Unlocking
There are some animals like tortoise, jelly fish, and some species of plant that live for more than a hundred years if they live in a germ free environment. 

We Humans can also have a life this long. The answer to this lies in our genes. After researching on human genes, scientist concluded that preventing the loss of an enzyme known as telomerase, can help us live a long life. 

This enzyme helps the cells in our body to regenerate itself, but as we grow up, there is a loss of this enzyme in our body and we age and get wrinkles.


Most people usually die due to failure of one or the other organ in their body. Would it be easy to live longer, if we could replace the non-functioning parts of our body. This only requires scientist to manufacture body organs in their labs, or preserving an organ from a dead body.

Cloning can also be used on the entire body, i.e replacing the brain of a healthy body with the brain of a diseased body. This single operation if successful can make you healthy in an instant. 
Although almost most of the Governments have said a strict no to clonning, nations like China and Singapore are still working on this concept. 

Cyborg Transformation

Cyborg Transformation
Most of you would have seen the movie Robocop, in which the police man is revived by replacing his damaged body parts with computerized equipment.
This seems to be getting true. People are already experimenting with there own bodies.

Scientists are working fast on the concept of artificial hearts, artificial nerves, limb replacement. This domain is not considered as unethical as clonning as it does not require human body parts for recovery of the patient, hence This field of technology is progressing at a rapid rate.

Even if these technologies do develop in our life span, using them would be a big question we would need to ask our self. Do share your views on immortality and things you would do if you could live forever.

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