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Top 3 Android Apps to Hide Your Naughty Stuff

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Best Apps to Hide Files and Apps

Everyone has secrets. Some things are meant to be secret. And If those secrets get revealed there can be a chaos in one's life. This post is written to prevent that from happening. I am going to reveal some of the apps that you can use to keep your stuff hidden and prevent your secrets from getting revealed. 

Hide All your Naughty stuff with ease now. Let me introduce you to the best apps on Android that will help you with this task.

The List of Tools every Notorious person must have is as follows:-


GO Launcher Ex

Price: 5.99$
( To unlock all features )
There are some apps that can help you customize your start screen on Android devices, But I consider this app to be the best of the lot. 
Not only does it provides the options to change the look and feel of our device interface, but it also provides us with an option to Hide all our Naughty apps. 

To Hide an App using this. Follow these steps: 
  • Open App Drawer and Click on the Settings Option. This will make a list to Pop up.
  • Select Hide Apps.
  • Select the Apps you want to hide from the user and that's it, you will no longer see those apps on the start screen.

This helps us to hide our naughty apps and prevent us from getting a scolding. 

Hide Pictures - Hide it Pro

Price: FREE
There are some very notorious people in this world, like me, to whom hiding apps is just a beginning. We people need to hide almost everything, or our family member may catch us and scold us bad. Some People do need to hide a lot of things from their girlfriends. 

These things include Calls, Messages, Pictures, Video, and Apps. Almost everything. 
To do this Hide Pictures - Hide it Pro app is what we need. 
This app is completely free to use unlimited version. 

It disguises itself as an Audio manager, so you can easily use this to outwit your Mom or Girlfriend.

This app works as an Audio manager, but if you long press the Audio manager icon, the actual app Hide it pro will launch.

File Hide Expert

Price: FREE
This is one application which can hide all your stuff. And the best part is, Even if someone knows about it, he/she can not see your hidden files. As this application has a feature of password protection. 
To use Password protection, 
Go to Settings>>Enable Password>>Change Password.

This is the best application to use, in case the people spying on your knows about these kind of apps.
File Hide Expert can be used to Hide Pictures, Videos and Audios. It can disguise itself as a Tip calculator to prevent its detection from a regular user. 

Pictures hidden using this application not even appears in the Android Gallery. 

Note: Android 4.4 (Kitkat) users need to move the files they need to hide to storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.tonado.boli.hermit.hider  
I hope you guys like my collection of tools to hide things that needs to be hidden. Use these tools wisely. 
And Do install these tools, as one day you might need them if not today. 
As Some Secrets are worth better left untold.

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