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Use TorGuard VPN and Become Anonymous - Review

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TorGuard VPN for Being Anonymous

TorGaurd VPN for Being Anonymous
Almost everyone in this world is getting connected to the Internet. Some people out of these have bad intentions. They may use this for theft of sensitive data. Thus protecting our data from theft must be our topmost priority. 

To prevent your privacy better, you would need some powerful tools. With this post, I introduce you to one of the best VPN service available online, TorGaurd VPN. 

TorGaurd VPN is a one stop solution to all your need of protecting sensitive data from theft. While using TorGaurd VPN, you will no longer need to worry about the Individuals trying to sniff data packets or the ISPs. This is a VPN service which will not keep logs of your data, and give you the complete freedom of being Anonymous.

Why TorGaurd VPN?


TorGaurd VPN is a one stop solution to being anonymous online. With TorGaurd VPN, you can do the following tasks with ease:-

Hide Activity from ISP and Network Admin
When you use an Internet service from an ISP, we are often made to accept their terms and conditions. This gives the owner of the ISP to keep track of our data usage, but there have been many cases in which ISP or Network Admin uses these rights to violate the privacy of user and sniff their data. To prevent this from happening, TorGaurd can act as your shield.

Hide your IP
IP address is a unique identity of our connection to the internet. It is like a fingerprint of the virtual world. If someone gets a hold of your IP address, he or she might track you and attack you online. TorGaurd VPN will make provide you with more than 25+ IP/country to connect the internet anonymously and protect you from attackers. You can even change this IP address whenever you want.

Use Military Grade Encryption
Have you ever use an open public Wifi. You may be very happy about finding a free source of internet connection. But let me tell you this, the open public wifi, you are so happy about, is no less than a trap set up by hackers. Any person using an open wifi sends his/her data in an unsecured form, which makes it easy for hackers to sniff that data. TorGaurd VPN will ensure that your data is encrypted before it sent.

Unlock the Internet by bypassing Censorship
Some countries ban a lot of websites due to their content. These websites might not be banned in your country and you may be a regular user of these websites. For example Facebook is banned in China. Imagine a situation, You have to visit this country and you also want to access the website you love. TorGaurd VPN can be of help here. It will make sure you get uninterrupted access to your favorite website, no matter which country you are travelling to. It can also be of help to bypass the censorship laws being set by the Network Admin or firewalls.

Services by TorGaurd

Have a look at the awesome service provided by TorGaurd VPN.



  • High Speed, very low ping delays
  • Servers with Stealth Mode
  • SSH Tunneling
  • Encrypted Email
  • User Data not logged: Surf Completely Anonymous
  • Viscocity Software for Free
  • 27x7 customer support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Monthly rates less than other less useful VPN services in the market.
  • Customer can Earn 30% commission for referring a new customer to TorGuard.  


Website navigation can be improved. TorGaurd is the best VPN service available on the internet, but when it comes to finding what you need, you may need to struggle a little.
Also, when you launch TorGaurd, it is loaded in the system tray instead of open a new window for the service.
Anyways if you are a Smart user, it will not stop you from using this awesome VPN service.

Our Verdict

Although TorGaurd may not be the best when it comes to the user interface, but I would definitely recommend it to a user looking for a powerful VPN to make him Anonymous. This VPN is the best when it comes to the task it was for i.e. user privacy. 
You can start using this service for only 4.99/month. This is a very reasonable price for a professional VPN service. 
Anyways, if you don't like it, you can return it with 30 days and get your money back. So I think there is no harm in trying it. Give it a try and you will love it. 

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