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3 Amazing Websites to Learn Guitar Online

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Top 3 Websites on Learning Guitar Online

A study: "Psychology of Music", revealed that Girls are more attracted towards Boys who are holding a guitar in comparison to boys who are carrying a gym bag.

Another study revealed that Guys holding a musical instrument in their Facebook profile pic receive greater number of friend request from girls. 
Even I tried this, have a look at my old profile pic
With this post I am going to reveal to you the 3 most amazing websites, where you can Learn Guitar and master this art. 

Have a look at a video which inspired me to Learn Guitar. If this young boy can play it, why can't us.

So allow me to reveal 3 website that will help you in Learning Guitar :-

Price: Free
FreeGuitarVideos is a website that has been teaching guitar online from year 2001. It consist of quality guitar learning videos made by Guitar professional teachers.
With this website you can learn Acoustic, Electric, blues, country, jazz and metal guitar.
The course is divided in various categories like beginner and advanced.

Note: You would need premium member to watch some of the videos, But most of the videos are available for free.

Price: Free
GuitarLessons is a complete resource on learning guitar online. All the videos of this website are available for free and you don't need any subscription to watch any of these videos

With Each lesson, you can also download a pdf file, to get all the theory of the lesson. This helps in easy revision of concepts. The website also consists of a review section to know about the latest guitar systems available in the market.

Price: Paid
Monthly Subscription: 9.99$
Yearly Subscription: 108$

This is a paid resource to learn Guitar online, but it is one of the most popular websites. This is the reason this website made it in this list. You can still get some Free Beginner video from this website. If you find that you are able to learn with it, you can opt for a monthly or an yearly subscription.

CSGAcademy consists of a wide range of videos on Beginner and advanced level. It consists of more than 100 video tutorials to make master guitar.
You can also request a song that you want to learn with this website.

I hope you guys make use of these websites and master the art of playing guitar. May be you can even become a Rockstar after learning it. Give it a try!.

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