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How to Read 1000 Words per Minute - Revealed

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Technology to Read 1000 Words Per Minute

Most of you guys would have an addiction to reading. For Some of you, it is just a burden to read books of your college or school. Reading is burden because it takes a lot of time. And the time spent on reading seems to be much more, if the topic is not interesting for you.

With this post, I intend to introduce you to a new speed reading application that could make your life easier, and help you read around 1000 words per minute.


Spritz, is the name of this new speed reading application, that can significantly reduce the time taken by you to read. This application lets you choose your reading speed, you could set the speed from 250 words per minute to around 1000 words per minute. Users of Spritz claim to have finished Harry Potter Novel in an hour.

While reading the usual way, we move our eyes to focus from word to word, and line to line. But with spritz, you will no longer have to waste any time moving your eyes. This app changes the words in a rapid-file manner to enable you to boost your reading speed. This could highly improve your work efficiency and productivity.
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Some critics do claim that this app may reduce your attention and comprehension of the topic that you may read with this app. But I feel that if you get a habit of this app, that you can easily increase your reading speed up to 1000 words per minute and that would be cool and even save a lot of your time.

Give it try, Have a look at words moving at different speeds below:

Lets Start With 250 Words per minute:-


This might be too easy for you. Go for 350 words per minute now:-


Shocked!. Yes, you can read that fast, try for an even higher speed:-


I hope you are not feeling dizzy.
Spritz technology app enables iOS application named Readme! is available for download now.


SpeedReader is a website you could visit right now, and just paste the topic you want to read fast. The best part about SpeedReader is its accessibility. As it is a website, you can visit it from any platform, be it a PC or a mobile, it is independent of the platform. It can help you as soon as you visit their website. And the service is for free.

Velocity iOS App

Read-Faster-with-Velocity-iOS-appVelocity iOS app can also help you achieve the same task. The application looks elegant, and can help you read your favorite novel while travelling, you just need to have an iPhone, download the app, and you are good to go.

It supports 3 types of themes to make users comfortable with the reading environment. You can even download web pages from safari browser and read them on this app.

Reading is the best way to improve your comprehension capability for a language. These apps will improve your reading skills in a short span of time. So I would recommend you guys to start using one of the apps mentioned above and have fun reading your next favorite novel.
Or you could just finish up your revision of a book, and better spent the time you saved the way you want. Either way, have fun. 
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