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Have a Look at The Phone of This ERA - CUBOT P9

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CUBOT P9 – The Phone of This ERA!

CUBOT P9 - Best SmartPhone

It is pretty easy to find android phones with good operating systems these days. However, what is crucial is how to find a phone that inculcates the features of a good android phone/IPhone and that is also feasible when it comes to the cost of the phone. Numerous android phones are now available over web/market launched by a variety of new companies. 

CUBOT P9 being one of them. If you are in search of a phone that supports good features in addition to being alluring on the outside, this smartphone of the CUBOT series is what you are looking for. 

It is based on Android 4.2 operating system encompassing an immense variety of features. Even though 4.2 is a wee bit older version of android operating system it is still much better than the new versions that have come out.

It not only provides many if not all the features available in first generation iPhones but is also catchy and striking when it comes to the design of the phone which makes it an amalgamation of both an astounding form and pleasing features. It is no less than any other renowned brands of mobiles that are being sold in the market today.
CUBOT P9 - Best SmartPhone

Features instilled in CUBOT P9

Contrary to the overrated high priced branded mobiles, CUBOT P9 provides parallel functions and features in a much better price range. The key features of this phone are listed as follows.
  • Offers Android 4.2 operating system
  • Built in RAM of 512 MB with the storage capacity of 4 GB(the operating system will reside in some part of this ROM consequently resulting in a little less storage capacity as aforementioned)
  • Supports WIFI and wireless connectivity
  • 8 MP, AF rear camera that result in exceptionally clear and sharp images
  • Front camera of 2.0 MP
  • Any latest app available in the market can be installed through the Google Play Store provided on the phone
  • Built in Bluetooth/MP4/MP3
  • Supports GPS Function
  • Faster compared to other phones of the series and a much better compatibility 
  • Does not eat up as much battery as other android phones resulting in better energy saving mode
  • Dual SIM holder, bears a TF card slot (up to 8 GB)
  • 5 inch large screen that provides with a standard 16:9 compatible with a full HD resolution scheme

If want to know more Cubot P9 information here. This is not all. In addition to all this, it supports copious international languages. A headphone jack is available on top of the phone. And to top it all off the best part of the phone is that it is available at an extremely reasonable price. offers Cubot P9 at $95.54 with worldwide free shipping. The response from whoever has used CUBOT P9 has been very encouraging. Considering the price and the features it supports it is no less than any other distinguished android phone available in the market. The rate at which it has been selling up until now is huge which further supports the evidence of how worthy it is to give this phone a shot. 

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