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Top 3 Books to Learn Java Programming Language

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Do you want to be a billionaire? There are a lot of ways to become one. Being a Programmer is one of the ways. Although it is not the easiest way but the best thing about being a Programmer is that you don't need to invest any money to achieve your goal of financial freedom. You just need to devote your time and learn the programming languages with in depth understanding of the concepts.

Java is one of the Programming language which can help you make awesome applications for even Mobile operating systems like Android. With this post, I will introduce you to the best top 3 books to help you master and learn the Java Programming Language and become an expert in it. 

Java The Complete Reference

Author: Herbert Schildt
The Complete Reference series are my personal favorite. This book is of around 1000+ pages. I won't recommend it to you, if you don't have the courage to hold this book and promise to read it till the end. 
This author of this book was a member of the original ASCII committee that gave standard for the C programming language in 1989.

Java Complete reference covers each and every aspect of the language you would ever need to know. The book starts with the explanation of the concepts of OOPS ( Object Oriented Programming Language) and covers both the basic and advance features of the Java Programming language. This book is a good follow up book if you have already read the other books of the complete reference series, namely The Complete reference C, and the Complete Reference C++.

Head First Java

Author: Kathy Sierra
The authors of Head First Java have made learning Java programming a fun task. They believe in the approach of stunning the reader to grab his attention. 
This is an efficient way to make our brain forceful grasp concepts. The books keep on bugging the reader with interesting puzzles along with effective related images. 

Although the book, seems to be a fun read, it covers all the advanced features of Java such as distributed programming with RMI, threads and Network sockets. 

Our Brains retain information efficiently when it is presented in the form of images. You might have already experienced this. You may forget the name of a person, but you often remember their face. isn't it? This book is based on strong visuals to help you keep the concepts of Java intact in your brain.

Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours

Author: Rogers Candenhead

You might be a person who is not having enough time to learn these heavy books with thousand of pages. 

If you are looking for a book to summarize you all the important concepts of Java, then Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 hours is the book you should go for. 

The book helps you do the following tasks in Java within some initial days of reading. :-
  • Setting up Java programming environment on your computer
  • Write your very own first working program in Java
  • Add Conditional statement to control the flow of execution
  • Storage and manipulation of information
  • Building user friendly interfaces
  • Creating web programs which interacts well with users
  • Learn the concept of threading to create responsive programs
  • Read/write XML data and files
  • Learn all the concepts of object-oriented programming in depth
  • Create your very own Android app using Java

The books that I have mentioned above are the best books to learn the Java programming Language, according to me. You may read a different book and still become an expert at Java. I just found these books amazing and felt to share them, to express by pleasure of reading them. These books explain the programming language in detail and reading all three of them, will help you get the complete knowledge of the subject. You won't need to read any other book on Java after reading them. 

So I recommend all of you guys to give them a try. I would love you hear your feedback about these books. In case you read a different book and feel like mentioning them in this list, do let me know via the comments section. 
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