Friday, July 4, 2014

Know Why You Can't Beat me Ever at Rock Paper Scissors

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There is often a conflict between friends due to difference in opinions. To resolve a conflict, or to give someone an authority to make a decision fun decisive games are played, like tossing a coin and making a call for head or tails or playing a simple game of Rock Papers Scissors.

Have a look at an awesome way by which you could win Rock paper scissors every-time you play it.

Robot Hand That Wins Everytime

The reason you can't beat me at Rock paper Scissors is that I know of a Robot Hand which would play on behalf of me.
Some people Tried to challenge my Robo-hand Friend, and have a look at what happened with them. 

This Robo is designed to recognize hand gestures within 1 ms. The final hand gesture made by the Robo-hand is delayed only by 20 ms. So, it is nearly impossible to detect by a human eye, that the Robo-hand is cheating. Anyways, everything is fair in love and war, and if it is war, there is no harm in having some cool tech toys on your side.
So the next time you have an argument with a friend, challenge him for a Rock Paper Scissors match and see if he could ever win against you. To win every-time, you just need to buy this Robo-hand.
Play with it along with your friends and have fun.
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