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Have an Awesome Shopping Experience with DealGuru by Ask Me

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Everybody now-a-days are addicted to online shopping. Also, with online shopping websites sprouting like wild mushrooms, it becomes really hard to decide what the best website is. I am an avid online shopper and I must have shopped at least once in all the leading websites. I saw DealGuru’s ad and I thought giving it a try. I did and I was not disappointed. My product was in the best condition and I believe I got the best deal on it.

Is DealGuru worth it?

At first DealGuru was a ruse to get people to look at AskMeBazaar because the deals put up on DealGuru are too good to be true. All the products here had almost 80 to 90 percent off. This made me very curious and I tried it out, Trying out DealGuru was one of the best decisions because I was not at all disappointed. The delivery services by Ask Me are also very good. The product is delivered before the promised delivery date and it comes in good condition too. So, if you ask me if DealGuru is worth it, I would say, “Absolutely yes”.

What Ask Me does for the sellers?

When the sellers have a huge stock of unsold items, Ask Me helps them sell it. Now, just because I said unsold stock, don’t think these are not quality products. The products are branded and of a very good quality. This can be assured. Ask Me bridges a gap between the urban population and the sellers that cannot communicate effectively with the online population. Have a look at the promo video by Ask Me Bazaar:-


  • AskMeBazaar requests product samples from sellers; reviews and identifies a suitable price, and upon confirmation from seller the deal is made live on DealGuru.  
  • All photo-shoots and content is generated by AskMeBazaar for the products.
  • DealGuru generates orders and delivers goods to the buyers.
  • Confirmation call made to the buyer upon delivery.
  • Post successful delivery the amount is transferred to the sellers after due deduction of fulfilment charges and commission.
  • If needed, AskMeBazaar also processes return requests 

What does Deal guru sell?

Deal Guru sells a wide variety of products that are listed as follows:-
  • Apparel for men, women and children.
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances.
  • Furniture.
  • Accessories.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Electronics and computer peripherals.
  • Footwear
  • Fitness goods.
  • Gifts and flowers.
  • Mobiles.

All these products that are sold here are perfectly authentic and no second rate goods are offered. Buyers need not even worry about the quality of the goods as any product that they don’t like can be returned and another product can be bought.


As a user of DealGuru I would say that this website is indeed very nice and the products sold here are of the best quality. Also, very large discounts are given on many products to make for a very economical shopping for all the customers. I think that DealGuru is doing a splendid job in helping sellers cover their losses and also give their customers a very pleasant shopping experience. Visit DealGuru now at .

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