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Top 5 Email Service Apps to Send Your Important Mails on Time

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Email is the stable of the world wide web, other popular websites like twitter, Facebook and Instagram may be the staple of a lot of people for communication but email remains the most important and primary source of communication and correspondence almost everywhere. 

Every needs an email account nowadays for messaging, sending mails, pictures and even videos, this is why it is important to have a feature rich, uncomplicated email service which is also fast , has plenty of storage and effective spam filtering features. In this article, we take a look at some of the best email services for you!


Gmail Mailing service

Arguably one of the best email service providers there is, they have made it possible for their users to go through emails in a jiffy, all the folders and sections are neatly arranged on to one side and Gmail’s spam filtering is also always top notch. Google’s constant updates can be a bit annoying, a lot of users have complained that they update stuff that doesn’t need updating but if you move past that, Gmail is one of the most efficient. 

The storage is pretty large, about 10.1 MB (that’s a lot), your account is integrated with YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Google plus and so on so you don’t need any extra accounts for any of these. You section your mail according to priority and you can also choose from a range of different themes and backgrounds.


Remember the time when everyone used to have yahoo mail, when there was no Gmail? 
A lot of users still prefer yahoo nowadays basically because it is efficient and works well on all browsers. The new layout is pretty intuitive, all your folders and different segments are on the left side, you can also preview your mail before you open it. 

You can use it on the web, on your phone, send texts and sections tabs and highlight important emails. 
Your yahoo account also gets integrated with yahoo messenger, which, means you can instant message. 
Yahoo also boasts of unlimited storage.


When Gmail wasn’t around people sued to get their mails on Hotmail and yahoo but when Gmail knocked Hotmail off the top, Microsoft decided to revamp Hotmail. The new outlook, previously known as Hotmail has been revamped in a huge way. It now allows free customization, you can arrange you mails according to priority, the interface is minimalist and simple, easy to use and figure out. 

It allows you to view documents in word, excel since it is combined with office web apps and the best thing is that it doesn’t scan your mails beforehand, providing you complete security.There’s also Skype which can be accessed with just one single click, you can have access your Facebook account in a similar way.


Ah the good old AOL, it may not cool anymore but it is still a solid email service. The familiar phrase “you’ve got mail “was created by AOL! You’ll be surprised by the its new design as well as new features and functions ,such as integrated calendar, unlimited storage as well the option to chat, through AIM. 

You can also create a to-do list and keep multiple tabs open at the same time. AOL also provides good security, you can block images that you don’t want to view and its spam filter can be adjusted accordingly to high, low and medium.


A lot of users, apple’s most certainly have switched to apple’ new email service, iCloud, quite possibly becauseGmail has a thing about reading your mails beforehand and offering you ads and options on top of your page. Have you seen that? What makes iCloud a good email service? 

Well, for one, it is completely ad free, no annoying ads on the side. Next, the interface, this is again styled in a classic apple manner, clean, sleek and uncluttered. 

If you own any of apple’s devices, such as an iPhone or a tablet, iCloud is automatically configured on them. The only thing you may not like is its spam filtering, it is not quite up to date and you’ll find a lot of junk mail making their way to your main emails.

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