Tuesday, March 10, 2015

5 Public Transport Etiquettes Ignored by Clumsy People

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Clumsy Smurf

Nothing lookup our social skills of co-operation than public transports. Travelling with millions of unknown people every day, with people from all walks of the society brings both the best and worst of us. While it is very easy to be just rude and unfeeling and impervious to your fellow passengers, little gestures and steps can instantly endure you to your co passenger. You might not gain anything substantial from it, buy hey! Who knows? It does not cost you to be nice to people. And being nice to people also can make you feel nice about yourself. At least people won't call you a clumsy jerk if you know these basic etiquettes.

Body odour bomb

If you tend to sweat a lot, so something about it! Deodorants, anti-sweat patches, herbs, sponges! Anything! The last thing you want is to be cursed by a random pretty looking person sitting beside you because your sweaty underarms and the stink from it just want to make her puke. And the poor cursed you, helpless among the crowd, being completely incapable of lowering your arm and relieving her. The worst case scenario happens when somebody actually asks you to lower your arm and you can’t and the person glowers at you for the rest of the journey. You can also probably expect being bitched about by him with his co-workers, so that’s a lot of negativity. A little effort and that can be fixed


Also, try not to step into other people’s toes. That is a strict no-no. I had many of my beautiful sandals squished to destruction by harmless unfeeling black office boots. Also you would also be likely to be beaten up if you are wearing something with spikes and you step on a sandal. What you wear might be your choice, but what you trample on is not definitely yours. Also it is perhaps a bad idea to go in public transport to go wearing your delicate little sandals or little put-ons with a little furry creature above it. Bad idea in a public transport!

Play it low

You might be the most loyal follower of Nirvana that has walked on the earth. But do not subject people to Nirvana on a metro. Do not! Or if you think your latest Bollywood number should be heard by people, kindly refrain. Public transports are public spaces and people use it for various purpose. Some might sleep, some do their housing work, or someone just likes their alone time. You have no right to fill that up with the delicious sopranos of your favourite jazz singers or the groovy tracks of the latest porn star-turned actress-turned singer eye candy. Use a headphone or if you are not carrying one, don’t listen to it. Save people the misery

Down with stalker

Try not to stare at the horrible or fabulous dress sense of the person next to you. It is very uncomfortable to be stared at by a random person over the metro. Worst case scenario, you might be reported against at the next station. If you cannot help it, look at them in such a way that does not creep them out. Middle-aged guys fare worst in this case, closely followed by old aunties. They would stare at anything starting from a bra strap peeping out to a guy who wears formal trousers with chappals. Get a life man!


The most obvious one needs to be always stated. Do leave space for the old and the pregnant. You don’t have to be the knight in shining armour for everything in a skirt to prove your manhood. But judge people and leave them your seat. Offer them to hold their bag if you are sitting. Speak politely to them if they ask you to move. It does not cost you to be nice and silent blessing and positive thoughts you get will work well for you.

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