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Must Try 8 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions!!

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Chrome extensions
Must Have 8 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions!!

Can you imagine browsing the internet or the whole World Wide Web without Google chrome? Not only is it easy and simple to use, it's fast as well! But searching for something on the internet can sometimes take longer than you expect, which is why Google Chrome extensions are so amazing. 

There are quite possibly hundreds of extensions that make searching and browsing the internet an amazing experience. They make everything so much more easier. Check out these 8 awesome extensions that we just cannot do without!

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock extension
Browsing the internet is fun, isn’t it? Except for those pesky little ads that keep popping up everywhere! For those who value their privacy and security above all things, this is the perfect extension for you. It blocks all sorts of annoying ads, pop ups and most importantly, those ads that auto play on their own! It also removes ads from web videos so if you love watching movies and TV shows online, Adblock Plus is perfect. It's free, it won’t make your browser slow and above all, it works. Just install the extension and let it do its own thing, you’ll see the difference immediately.

2. Pocket 

pocket extension
Another absolutely awesome extension we cannot live without. It’s very simple, if have a tendency to read a number of articles on the internet in one sitting, just click the icon and read them whenever you want. In other words, it saves all your preferred articles as well as videos! So if you come across an interesting article, but you don’t have the time to read it, just click the pocket icon that will   appear on your toolbar and save it for later. There’s even   an iPhone app for those who love reading articles on their                                                      smartphones.

3. TabCloud 

Tabcloud extension
Tired of unruly tabs? TabCloud is just the extension for you! TabCloud allows you to save any of your windows sessions, which you can open any time you want either on your own computer or on another computer. The best thing about TabCloud is that it allows you to sync your windows sessions on different devices. Just install it and you’ll see a list of open windows and previously saved windows, you can open any of them and delete them as well. No more lost tabs.

4. Mightytext

mighty text extension

If you’re a super busy person and just don’t get the time to look at your phone, this extension is for you. It basically eliminates the need to check your phone constantly for texts, SMS and MMS, you just need to integrate your phone, install the android app and you’re good to go. Send texts and MMS right from your chrome browser. It will also send battery low alerts to your phone!

5. Streamus 

streamus extension

Music Aficionados, you’re not alone if you’ve accidently closed a song you were listening to. Streamus can fetch that song for you in a minute. If you use YouTube frequently for finding songs and videos, Streamus is for you. All you have to do is type Streamus and start looking for the songs you like without going to the site. You can also create your own playlists and save songs for later.

6. Google Dictionary 

google dictionary extension

A very handy extension, just highlight the word and it will show you the meaning. View definitions and word meanings easily as you browse the web.

7. StumbleUpon

stumble upon extension

This extension works like a library, just one click on the icon and you can look through hundreds and hundreds of articles. Even more awesome is the fact that you can put in your preferences and it will show you articles based on that. Preferences are wide, anything from technology to art to history to video games! In other words, stumble upon articles, news stories and interesting ideas whenever you want.

8. Checker Plus for Gmail

checker plus for gmail extension

If you have a number of Gmail accounts, but you just can’t be bothered to check them all, check out checker plus for Gmail. You can read, reply, delete, remove junk and spam mails, highlight and store your emails without actually going to your account right from the drop down menu of the extension icon. You can also have your emails read aloud to you if you’re busy.


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