Write For Us

Write For Us

Do you want to increase your online presence. If yes, then you are at the right place.We are looking for guest authors to write on our blog. Absolutely anyone can write on this blog provided they follow the guidelines given below.
Articles submitted by guest blogger should be relevant to the topics covered on Kgtricks. After you submit the article, it will be reviewed , and if it meets the guidelines given below, your article will be published.

Benefits of Writing a Guest Post?

KGTricks a fast growing blog under its niche. If your article gets accepted by us, you can get a back link to your site. You would also be getting a lot of exposure by writing a post at Kgtricks. Currently we are having around 60k readers per month on our blog. Our Alexa rank in India in also under 300k. Your article will also get indexed by Google crawlers which will verify your Google authorship, which will give a boost to your author rank. Even the Google Search results will show your picture along with the article in the search results, which will be a lot of value added to your resume.

Guidelines to follow while writing a Guest Post

Although we can not publish every guest post we receive , we have a set of guidelines which when followed, can increase the chances of your guest post getting published.

The guidelines are as follows:


This is of the utmost importance. You need to ensure the article is not copied. You have to write the article on your own. You should NOT COPY the article from somewhere. The article will be checked for plagiarism before publication. If you mention a previous article on this site in your article, it would be appreciated. 

Minimum 500 Words

This is definitely not a compulsion , if you have written quality content in Your article. We will still publish your article ; if it's unique, interesting, easy to understand. The article should also have a good presentation to bypass this guideline.


The topic you write on, should be relevant to the topics covered on Kgtricks. 

You can write one of the topics mentioned below:

So are you ready to share your knowledge with us, then just send your article to my Email Address 


In case you have any queries , Let me know via Guest Book