Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facebook Tricks

Facebook Smileys/Emotions; Font tricks on Facebook Chat!!!!!

Text Formatting

To make your text bold, place it between two asterisk characters.
*This is me* will display in Facebook Chat as: This is me
To underline your text, place it between two underscore characters.

_listen to me_ will display  in Facebook Chat as: listen to me
To underline and make bold, place the text between both asterisk and underscore characters.
_*SHUT UP*_ will display in Facebook Chat as: SHUT UP

Smile :) or :-) or :] or =)
Frown :( or :-( or :[ or =(
Tongue :p or :-p or =P
Grin :D or :-D or =D
Gasp :O or :-O or :o or :-o
Wink ;) or ;-)
Glasses 8) or 8-) or B) or B-)
Sunglasses 8| or 8-| or B| or B-|
Grumpy >:( or >:-(
Unsure :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\
Cry :'(
Devil 3:) or 3:-)
Angel O:) or O:-)
Kiss :* or :-*
Heart <3
Kiki ^_^
Squint -_-
Confused O.o or o.O
Upset >:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o
Pacman :v
Colon Three :3
Robot * :|]
Putnam * :putnam:
Shark * (^^^)
Penguin * (Added 17 Sept 09) <(")

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