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Detect keylogger installed on a computer

Detect keylogger installed on a computer

            Author :-Navprabhat Singh
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Q.What  are keyloggers?

Ans. Keylogger are the softwares that are being used by crackers(wrongly named as hacker) to spy on people. These kind of software keep record of all the keystrokes been made by the victim on his keyboard , and send it to the attacker.                        

Q.How does  keyloggers enters your computer ?

Ans.Your system can get infected by a keylogger in several ways(direct or indirect) :-

    It can be through....
1.     downloaded files ,
2.     music,or
3.     any other infected software applications.

Q.How to get rid of  keyloggers that is installed on a computer?

1.Use Anti keyloggers software
There are some anti keyloggers available on the internet that will make the task of removing keyloggers easy. Use these softwares if you think there is a high possibility of keyloggers on a computer. The anti keyloggers that i suggest 
2. Use updated antivirus and anti spyware
     Some of the good anti viruses have capability to detect key loggers. So you should update your     
     antiviruses regularly so that it gets updated for new keyloggers.

here i provide you with some links that would help you protect your pc

3. Search for keyloggers yourself
Keyloggers have the capability that they hide them self from the user but are active in the background. There are some shortcuts that are used to see them live on screen
For example : Ctrl + Alt + X or Ctrl + Alt + Wondows Key + X or desktopshark,ctrl+alt+shift+u  etc.4

4. Use special tools
Freeware on demand keylogger scanner.
Freeware antikeylogger that block hook based keyloggers as well as screen captures. For Windows XP.
PSMAntiKeyLogger is a real-time protecting software which protects you against Keyloggers. No scanning is needed.
4.I HateKeyloggers
Freeware antikeylogger that block hook based keyloggers. For Windows 2000 and XP.

There are basically two types of keylogger:-

simple keylogger and remote keylogger
1.simple keyloggerThis type of keylogger is installed in our computer to hack password of gmail,facebook e.t.c.but victim have to use your computer.
2.remote keylogger : This type of keylogger create a virus and you just need to send it to your victim .and his whole pc is hacked

I hope this info will help u lot to secure your pc from hackers(me).
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HAVE FUN!! and Stay Protected :D

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